Monday, October 01, 2007

China Care Brown

I have joined the Yahoo group of 2 FCCs. One in the state we live in and one in RI which is the state we border. The activity for each of the FCCs vary but the Rhode Island one appears to be trying to do more. E-mails were going back and forth about the start of "China Care Brown" which is a program held at varying schools and run by the students for kids from China. It was finally at a time that we could attend. The boys went with Daddy to Joseph's soccer game but the girls and Mommy went to the event at Brown University. It began with games outside(which gave us some game ideas for their birthday party later this month) and then snacks and crafts inside. Jenise played shy(which is unlike her) and stayed with JiaLi to help with the younger crafts----Mommy was bummmed--they had some cool things the older kids were making. I wanted to participate:) It was good to do and I found out that they offer this once a month during the school year.


LaLa said...

That is awesome!!! So glad you found some fun events near by. Hey, since Jenise had JiaLi you should have gone on over and made some "big girl" crafts! Share the games you learned!

mommy24treasures said...