Wednesday, September 26, 2007

So Thoughtful

Yes, Ms. JiaLi is jumping up and down because a package arrived today with her name on it. I think the box alone would have made her day. A few weeks ago, I sent an e-mail to my friend Laura asking her for book recommendations related to Vietnam. She responded with an extensive list(many of which I have ordered) and she also said that she had some that I could borrow. That is what the package was supposed to be--books--Thank you so much Laura, I am so excited to get reading. A few weeks ago, I also commented on her blog that JiaLi had gone shopping for Ariel underwear but the store did not have any in her size. Well, Laura found some and included those in the package along with a Backyardigan card--notice the card on the ground? JiaLi was very upset and said, "no, it will get dirty." She loves cards. Her birthday is approaching. The underwear was opened with no persuasion from Mom--I didn't want it to get dirty in the driveway. We were just a little anxious to open;) And the box is a mermaid bouncy ball:) Edward received one for his birthday--she is thrilled to have one like Edward(but in a girl color--for girls). Thak you so much Annslee--JiaLi loves it!! We miss you!!


LaLa said...

So glad you got it!! I was worried b/c I usually track packages but that day I sent three out so I was lazy and didn't (plus Annslee was tugging on me at the P.O.) Anyway, glad she loves it all..I am cracking up that both our Qichun honeys love Ariel and Backyardigans so much. Tell Edward that he can bounce too if he wants : )

mommy24treasures said...

aww, Laura is so sweet and thoughtful.
How fun! Enjoy reading! I have another friend interested in Vietnam and I have been doing the research for her, she just wants me to tell her what to do, who to go with etc, and boy does it make me want to go too!

Stacie said...

Sweet, Jiali looks excited for sure :) I want a ball like that for me :)