Friday, September 21, 2007

Our New Favorite Neighbor

Normally at the bus stop, which is in our driveway this year, the kids will play basketball or ride bikes. One day while waiting, our neighbor brought her new puppy. The new favorite in the neighborhood, Sara(or Sarah). She is so cute. The kids get so excited when she comes to the bus stop, especially JiaLi. She loves to take the puppy by the leash. She calls her a baby. News on our adoption progress? I feel like not much but Joe and I got healthy forms from our doctors and the teachers, even though it is so early in the year, have all come home with the school forms filled out, that is all except Daniel. His teacher said that she did not feel comfortable because it was so early in the year and she thought it would be better for a 5th grade teacher to do this. I have been trying to not lose my cool but things like this erk me. I was worried about this with Edward's teacher since he is in Kindergarten and she just met him and does not have much history to refer to but she typed a whole report--I love her. The other kids' teachers remarked that they just met the kids and referred to comments made by last year's teachers. I didn't understand why Daniel's teacher could not do this. I know be patient but Danny is honestly a great student. Luckily Daniel is sleeping over a friend's house so that today he is a walker. He will be able at the end of the school day to bring the required form to one of his 5th grade teachers without worrying about being late for a class or missing a bus. We were also all set to send in the I600A form without our home study-our Social Worker thought it would be fine but we spoke with someone at CHI and she recommended waiting for the home study. So that's what we are doing because we want to avoid getting notes back saying we did something wrong.


LaLa said...

cute know we like black labs : )

I am sure each state is different but we have never sent a Homestudy with our I 600

Gracie said...

That dog is way too cute!

mommy24treasures said...

ugh, I am sure I would have been annoyed about the teacher thing too. It is hard not to get annoyed when anyone makes this already difficult paperchase more difficult, needlessly. I am glad his 5th gr teacher will be willing. We did not have to have those for our hs. Thanks for keeping us updated!
I love seeing the kids with the puppy, how sweet.

Stacie said...

Hang in there, we have applied with an agency (Holt) and are waiting on their response so we can get a homestudy started. it's a long road but will be worth it in the end.