Thursday, April 26, 2007

Missing Daddy

The best part of Daddy being away is when he comes home. Whenever Daddy calls, the kids all rush to the phone to say "HI". Luckily, Daddy is not gone every week and when he is home, he works from home--what could be better. But when he's gone, we do miss him! Here is JiaLi talking to Daddy.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


For our regular Friday playgroup, we rotate houses and a few weeks ago, it was my turn. Edward receives that Backyard Magazine each month and in the most recent issue at the end was a project to make caterpillars. We used nylon type stockings(black) and filled them with potting soil and then topped off with grass seed(a good amount) and then kept them watered and within 5 days the grass was starting to grow. The kids were psyched! I wish the picture was better. I'm looking now and you can't distinguish the three caterpillars but there are three. Above you can see how much they did grow---I guess I should give the caterpillars a haircut. The picture with the boys was actually supposed to be a family picture but Jenise was not having a good day(had been in trouble and had very red eyes and really wasn't motivated with the picture--3rd grade-she is better now though). Anyway, I figure I've been posting a lot of the girls anyway so thought I would share JiaLi with her brothers:) I wish I could remember what they were yelling out. We were all cracking up!
I also had to slide in a picture of JiaLi with jewelry. This is to prove that JiaLi does enjoy girly things too--this is Jenise's old Princess game(the name of it has left me) and JiaLi likes to have all the jewelry on.

Monday, April 23, 2007

A Backyard Picture

Over the weekend, we finally had some great weather. We were able to wear shorts and T-shirts and we actually had red faces(I should say Joe did--that Irish skin) from the SUN!! The kids finally got started with Spring activities(more photos coming) and we did some yard work. In the process, I took this photo of Edward and JiaLi in the backyard and when I was looking at it, the picture below immediately came to mind. This has always been a favorite of mine. Prior to kids, I had this on one of my walls. As the weekend progressed, I had in mind to get a photo with the two of them in the same pose except holding hands. I remember doing a similar one when Danny and Jenise were younger--more difficult to locate--that was back then I was using only a 35 mm and I am horrible about saving negatives. The first one Edward and JiaLi were too focused on what was going on with everyone else, but the next one I had them looking for animals and that was easy. Then I changed the photo to black and white. I no longer have the above poster on my walls--but I think I need to make room for this one.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Outside Finally

Jenise and Mommy were jumproping and of course JiaLi wanted to join in. As you can see, she loved it. But then she fell on her face:( Nothing like a popsicle to make things better especially when it looks just like Jenise's:) So Daddy was in Indianapolis this week. Yes the place the Colts are from and he brought home small footballs for JiaLi, Joseph and Edward. The footballs are the kind that play music or say "TOUCHDOWN" when they hit the ground. Of course, the kids thought these were the greatest thing. We have had rainy weather all week--the kids vacation--we were so thankful today to see the SUN and just be outdoors!! The girls playing "Mom and baby".

Friday, April 13, 2007

Please Don't Buy A Watch

I have been telling Joseph's aunts and uncles to please never buy him a watch. It was interesting back in November when I met with his Kindergarten teacher. She had all good things to say about Joseph--no problems academically or behaviorally(is that a word). BUT she asked if Joseph gets nervous about things--I think this is her nice way of saying is he OCD. When he was going to school in the a.m., Joseph was the one who would tell her it is time to load up backpacks and get ready for the bus. One day they were all lined up to go to where the buses are and his teacher wanted to go over one more thing. Joseph questioned her "Do we have time?" Each morning when it gets to be 10:00/10:30a.m. no matter where we are, Joseph starts asking "what does your watch say?" I let him open the door at 11:40 by my watch and his bus does not arrive until 11:50 but it settles him to have that door open. Today I did not have my watch on and he ran up to my room to get my watch. I never really noticed his behavior until his teacher pointed it out. Daddy insists that he gets this behavior from me--he's probably right but watching how Joseph gets is really telling me that I have got to take a big chill when we go places and NOT get so caught up in the time.
Whether JiaLi is reading a book or just in a new place, she loves to ask "what's that?" Even if she knows the answer she still asks the question as you can see above with Daddy. Sad to say but we have only taken her to the zoo once which was last year in May. We have an annual walk that we do in May in a Boston Zoo and we are so excited to do it this year with all the talking that JiaLi is doing. The walk is a Kidney Foundation Walk and we do it in honor of a good friend who has had a Kidney Transplant. He is Joseph's Godfather. We have had a few scary moments this year with him ending up in the hospital with very high blood pressure and always the scare that he is rejecting his kidney(which he received from his brother). We are so thankful for the Kidney Foundation and the walk that we do each year with all our friends including his family--it's one of those times that you learn to truly appreciate. The walk is May 20/21st(I don't have a calendar in front of me) and I really can't wait to see the kids this year. Last year JiaLi pointed at everything--this year she will be able to point and speak:) We are so thankful for all the help we have had with her.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Our Girlie Girl ;-)

So we went out today to spend some time out of doors, (we are expecting more snow, someone forgot to tell the weather it is April 11). JiaLi spotted the sandbox in our neighbor's yard and spent almost all of her time in the dirt. Here is a girl who dies to put on dresses in the morning and plays in the sandbox all afternoon. Girly Girl in the morning turns into a tomboy when her big brothers and dirt are around :-) You will note she is staring up at a tree... She became quite frustrated,(okay really frustrated, just look at her face, you gotta click the picture for a close-up it is worth it) when big brother Dan scrambled up the tree and left her on the ground. Oh well judging by the way she plays in the dirt Mommy and Daddy will be chasing her up trees soon :-)

Monday, April 09, 2007

What A Weekend!

The kids Easter morning. It was so cute, I wanted a picture of the girls and Jenise leaned forward on her knees to be closer to JiaLi's height and then JiaLi did the same thing.
This weekend was one of those weekends where we realize how lucky and blessed we are! Friday began with the annual egg coloring over Joe's brother's house. Yes, Mommy should have received the lecture about watching your child to avoid spilling instead of getting all caught up in picture taking:) JiaLi and Edward thought the blue was a great color and that it matched their shirts. Daddy even got into it with the heat gun to attach some Star Wars stickers for the kids. Easter morning the kids anxiously waited upstairs to go down to see if the Easter bunny came. We are probably the only house that the Easter bunny brought YuGiOh cards. The kids also received books--JiaLi's was about Planes and we lost count how many times we read the book Easter morning. Edward is all excited to go search for the eggs because he has already spotted some. JiaLi actually found an egg this a.m.(Monday morning) that was missed by everyone.
Next, we traveled to Grandma's and Pepee's for dinner. Here are the boys with Pepee. The Easter bunny hid eggs at their house too. He is so crazy!! The kids received some gifts in blue bags(the boys) and pink bags(the girls) and JiaLi was so proud of her bag and carried it like a pocketbook all over the house while staying attached to Jenise.
Finally to Joe's brother's where the egg hunt happened outside. I did not see the specific temperature but Joe's Mom said she heard it was the coldest Easter that has occurred in 100 years. We had to bundle up for the hunt and then come back inside to open the eggs. Usually the kids do it outside but this year we were in. Here are all the cousins with Gramma + Papa. Of course the cold did not stop JiaLi from eating her ice cream.
The kids getting ready to go hunt eggs!!