Wednesday, September 26, 2007

So Thoughtful

Yes, Ms. JiaLi is jumping up and down because a package arrived today with her name on it. I think the box alone would have made her day. A few weeks ago, I sent an e-mail to my friend Laura asking her for book recommendations related to Vietnam. She responded with an extensive list(many of which I have ordered) and she also said that she had some that I could borrow. That is what the package was supposed to be--books--Thank you so much Laura, I am so excited to get reading. A few weeks ago, I also commented on her blog that JiaLi had gone shopping for Ariel underwear but the store did not have any in her size. Well, Laura found some and included those in the package along with a Backyardigan card--notice the card on the ground? JiaLi was very upset and said, "no, it will get dirty." She loves cards. Her birthday is approaching. The underwear was opened with no persuasion from Mom--I didn't want it to get dirty in the driveway. We were just a little anxious to open;) And the box is a mermaid bouncy ball:) Edward received one for his birthday--she is thrilled to have one like Edward(but in a girl color--for girls). Thak you so much Annslee--JiaLi loves it!! We miss you!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Last year the Moon Festival fell on JiaLi's birthday which was her first birthday with us. We had to celebrate her and Joseph's birthday (4 days difference) the Moon Festival way. I want to try each year to celebrate the Moon Festival. Of course, we went out for Chinese food. The Moon was not quite out yet since we went to an early dinner with the kids having school the next day, but JiaLi was exhausted. Today was her class. To help occupy her I was pointing out the fish and decorations in the restaurant. She was very curious about where the decorations were. We uploaded a video of her looking for the decorations. Just to hear her voice it cracked us up in the resturant and even more when we got home and watched. I had no idea that Joe had used the video. It is moments like this and the one of the whole bunch that we smile about over and over again:-). I love to watch the kids use chopsticks when we go out for Chinese food. As you can see, we really don't do it often enough. I loved how Edward inspected them first:) There was no messing around for JiaLi. JiaLi's fortune in her cookie tonight was The happiest person is the one without history. I'll be here too long if I share everyone's. Of course before bed, we had to gaze at the Moon. Here are the kids looking for the moon and then us trying to get a picture of them with the moon. JiaLi is saying Happy Moon Festival to everyone.

Sunday, September 23, 2007


Today we went apple picking. Last year, we missed going with the group and apple picked on our own. I did post pictures last year. This year it was soooo much fun for the kids to do it with their cousins and friends(who we call cousins). Here is the group and then an attempt at a family shot:) Uncle Gene helped Mommy with the camera this year because Daddy had to be in Boston in the a.m. for work:( To get to the apple trees, a hay ride is necessary. We lucked out in getting the driver who balances apples on his head as he drives. The kids love to watch and then imitate(notice Danny). O.k. Uncle Gene is always the one the older girls love to get a picture with...Although this has been from the time they were toddlers. Next in line will be Catherine(the young blond girl) and JiaLi. JiaLi was very proud of finding this "little" apple (you really need to hear her say little) and then that was all she wanted to find--she ate the one seen in the picture. Mommy couldn't resist getting at least some pumpkins--the kids loved these smaller pumpkins--also better on the budget;)

Friday, September 21, 2007

Our New Favorite Neighbor

Normally at the bus stop, which is in our driveway this year, the kids will play basketball or ride bikes. One day while waiting, our neighbor brought her new puppy. The new favorite in the neighborhood, Sara(or Sarah). She is so cute. The kids get so excited when she comes to the bus stop, especially JiaLi. She loves to take the puppy by the leash. She calls her a baby. News on our adoption progress? I feel like not much but Joe and I got healthy forms from our doctors and the teachers, even though it is so early in the year, have all come home with the school forms filled out, that is all except Daniel. His teacher said that she did not feel comfortable because it was so early in the year and she thought it would be better for a 5th grade teacher to do this. I have been trying to not lose my cool but things like this erk me. I was worried about this with Edward's teacher since he is in Kindergarten and she just met him and does not have much history to refer to but she typed a whole report--I love her. The other kids' teachers remarked that they just met the kids and referred to comments made by last year's teachers. I didn't understand why Daniel's teacher could not do this. I know be patient but Danny is honestly a great student. Luckily Daniel is sleeping over a friend's house so that today he is a walker. He will be able at the end of the school day to bring the required form to one of his 5th grade teachers without worrying about being late for a class or missing a bus. We were also all set to send in the I600A form without our home study-our Social Worker thought it would be fine but we spoke with someone at CHI and she recommended waiting for the home study. So that's what we are doing because we want to avoid getting notes back saying we did something wrong.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hanging Out While Joseph Practices

While Joseph had soccer practice last night, Mommy brought the girls to the park. Danny and Edward stayed with Daddy. Jenise brought a book to catch-up on some reading, and JiaLi decided to play basketball. The one with the finger pointing is JiaLi telling Mommy that we need to go to the other hoop because the first hoop isn't working. Having fun on the slide followed by a game of chase! Click on the hopscotch pictures so that you can see better:) The color of these pictures is not right. I was not planning on taking pictures but they were being so cute, I just had to take some. My old camera was in my pocketbook and that is what I used.