Thursday, August 30, 2007

Our Prayers Tonight:)

We were saying prayers tonight and my 6 year old(Joseph) asked "how old is God?" Oh boy, how to explain that concept. I know we all have different beliefs and I am not one to push one way or the other, but I thought it was cute. Joseph is definitely our thinker and one who likes to get things. Then Danny was saying how he wishes there could be peace everywhere and I made a comment about heaven which lead to my 5 year old(Edward) saying that he went up a staircase one time and saw heaven. Then Joseph said that he went to heaven and he was a skeleton. Then they were trying to get the concept about God's age and being and they continued to come out with things that were so cute. JiaLi concluded the evening by saying that God is in China. Hey can't argue with that comment:) I just love how innocent minds work.

Kids say Cute Things

With summer coming to an end, I had to share JiaLi's tolerance for a wet bathing suit. ( I know it's not till the end of September but with the kids back at school, I feel like it is ending. ) She can't stand to hang out in a wet bathing suit. If we are home, she makes sure that she changes into her bathing suit on the deck so that her clothes will be right there. When she is done swimming, she will immediately change into clothes. When she is hot again, she places her bathing suit on. She will do this over and over. I had to share this picture of JiaLi and Edward. I washed the kitchen floor today and while waiting for it to dry, we were in the living room and ended up looking at pictures. We ultimately came to the scrapbooks for JiaLi's adoption and they were talking about China which led to Edward being in my belly. JiaLi commented "I was in your belly and in China and Daddy came to get me." Edward commented "you were in Mommy's heart and then he proceeded to say, I was in Mommy's belly and I was looking at her heart"(followed by a giggle). Kids just say the cutest things.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tye Dye Party

Each summer, one of our neighbors holds a tye-dye party for all the kids. This year was great to watch--Jiali did not require Mommy to do all the work this year:) She was very focused placing one glove and then the next and then getting her shirt. All the kids gathered around a table and passed each paint color around the table taking turns. (It's a great set-up for the kids.) Then we brought them home, rinsed and washed and JiaLi was very willing to model her shirt.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

There They Go

There they go! I feel like I was just posting about the start of summer. I cannot believe they are going back to school already. They grow so fast!! At least Edward and JiaLi are home:) Of course, Edward will be starting next week. Both Edward and JiaLi were hoping to get on the bus today. Edward understands that he will be starting next week. I have a new thing to help JiaLi with "pooping" in the toilet(sorry to be so blunt). I told her that she needs to start "pooping in the toilet to start her new class." She has not pooped in the last few days--I think because she really wants to go in the toilet but is afraid. We were in the bank yesterday. Our bank teller was asking the kids about going back to school. JiaLi announced to her (and consequently the other tellers since when she wants to she has a very loud voice) "I'm pooping in the toilet so I can go to my class". With a big smile. We'll see...Edward and JiaLi are seen waiting for Mom to take them outside. Here we go!

Monday, August 27, 2007


I can't believe the kids are back to school tomorrow. I will miss them:( Edward has one more week though since he's going to be entering Kindergarten. So for 1/2 a day JiaLi and Mommy will get some time with just us:) I always miss all the summer swimming. We actually have a pool at the high school in-town. I will have to look into the open pool swim times--the kids have made so much progress with their swimming. Although it's not seen here, even JiaLi is willing to put her face in the water. JiaLi is seen with her cousin Bridget cleaning Gramma's and Papa's pool. She loves helping with that job--actually all the kids love that job. Then Daddy got some neat shots of the kids jumping in the pool. Jospeh gets cold very easily and he was especially cold this day. I wanted to include him in this post and he is seen with his cousin Christopher. JiaLi has made progress with the swimming to the point she does not always need Mommy or Daddy. She is now willng to swim with big brother Danny and big sister Jenise. (which helps Mommy and Daddy out so much)

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Papa's Birthday

Last weekend we spent Sunday at Gramma's and Papa's house to celebrate Papa's birthday. JiaLi was so funny hanging out with Gramma.(yes treats galore) Then when Papa opened his gifts and hid his gift in his shirt (yes he hid it from JiaLi--there were 11 kids there and JiaLi is the one he was hiding his gift from), she HAD to check it out:) I posted some of my favorite pictures from the day below. The dog is not my in-laws but Edward's webkin is a pug and he had to take a picture with it. Makes sense why Edward received a pug for his last birthday from Gramma:) I just love swing pictures--they have such a great swing hanging from a tree and I just love to take pictures with the kids swinging.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

More Reunion

Well, I couldn't resist posting some more pictures from the reunion. My brother-in-law took some great pictures and I had to copy some to share on the blog. Everyone enjoyed chilling on their boat. I apologize how bright JiaLi is driving the boat but it was the only way we could adjust the photo so that she would show and she was so proud, I had to share. Jenise is seen relaxing with Pepee and the little one that Joseph and Jenise are holding is my sister's little one. As you can see, JiaLi decided to chill on the boat too.