Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Sleepover

Danny's birthday was yesterday. These pictures were taken on Easter at my Mom's--she of course had a cake for him:) Yesterday too, she brought a cake! I am just being lazy and not downloading the new pictures. I will. Auntie Lisa stopped by yesterday with a gift, one of them being a Star Wars lego set. We had decent weather yesterday so the kids were able to be outside when they got home from school. As soon as they were in, Danny set to work putting it together and finished. He cracks me up how much he still loves legos:) I felt bad with both cakes--he had no chance to blow out the candles with Edward and JiaLi around;) The kids do have sleepovers at friends and cousins but whenever the weekend is here they are always asking to have a sleepover in one of their rooms. Friday night we gave in. We had such a nice night coloring eggs and I think we were in a good mood so we let them all sleep in Joseph's and Edward's room. As you can see, JiaLi was thrilled. Speaking of prayers, JiaLi said something adorable last night during prayers. Every once in a while with prayers, I have the kids say what they are thankful for. I don't do it every night because I like to catch them when they are not expecting me to ask. Of course, they always wonder. Last night was a night. JiaLi responded "I am thankful for kids because without kids Mommy and Daddy wouldn't be happy." I also like the kids to say why they are thankful for what they have said. The kids add so much happiness to our lives. They are such a dream come true:) When in a room with Jenise, JiaLi does keep her shirt on. The boys like to copy Daddy and sleep with no shirt. (Joseph did not this night because he ended up sick--a quick stomach thing.) JiaLi of course, had to join in. Luckily Jenise outgrew this;)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Searching for Eggs

Way too many pictures here but I decided to do Easter all in one post:) Easter morning began with an Easter egg hunt in our home. We found all but one and right before we headed out the door, Joseph found the missing egg. Edward was definitely our most enthusiastic this year:) I always love watching the kids sort through the eggs. This year the eggs had goldfish, sugar free gum and yes, the Easter bunny placed some jelly beans in a few eggs. The Easter bunny also left hula hoops for the girls(the old ones are broken) and footballs for the boys. None of JiaLi with her hula hoop--she was more interested in playing with the plastic eggs. Grandma's and Pepee's is always fun again trying to search for those eggs. And again, 1 egg was missing but my Mom could not remember where she hid it:) Danny is placing his arms up as if to say not again;) The egg was never found. My Mom was insisting that she miscounted. Grandma spoils the kids too much. In addition to the goodies in the eggs, each received a small gift bag. JiaLi received a notebook, a Care Bear puzzle(which she has done again and again) and some snack goodies! Next, Uncle Jeff's and Auntie Amy's house:) Now here is where the kids get to see all their cousins. Eleven on Daddy's side total. Each of the kids has 18 eggs:) What is 18x11? Yes, the men hid 198 eggs in their yard. We always love this part of the day to be able to be outside:) no matter how cold it might be. The kids are sneaking a look out the window;) but Edward insists, he didn't see anything. Below the kids are waiting for Auntie Amy to give the o.k. to go out and find those eggs:) A stomp rocket was received by each family. I have a video of Jenise doing it which I will post--it's hilarious. The dog is Auntie Jen's dog, Hollywood. Because she was gone all day, she brought Hollywood along and at the end Hollywood was running around the yard with the kids:)

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Egg Painting

We got together Friday evening with friends for our annual Easter egg coloring. JiaLi called it Easter egg painting and it definitely seemed a more appropriate word. The egg at the top is one that Daddy did for Mommy so of course all the kids tried to see how many colors they could get onto one egg. I apologize for all the pictures but it was a fun evening. After that the kids went home and had a giant sleepover(I'll post later) and then Easter at home, at Grandma's and Pepee's and at Joe's brother's. Close to 300 pictures were taken through the weekend and unfortunately not many came out:( JiaLi was the last one at the table Friday night. I'm not sure what she enjoyed more dipping the eggs in the colors or attaching the stickers:) The eggs to the left are her friend Ryan's eggs, we kept joking that night that he was the speed egg colorer--he did all those eggs in seconds. Here I am trying to get a nice photo and they all just kept making faces!! The one of the girls cracks me up with the face JiaLi is making. More to come--hope you all had a wonderful and fun weekend! BTW, secret buddy, don't worry, JiaLi knows the stuffed animal is for her new brother (or sister). We just wanted to take a group picture with thoughts of our child on-the-way, however far that may be.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Easter Rabbit

We have not had many opportunities to hunt for Easter eggs because we have not had the greatest of weather. However, we have been talking about hunting for Easter eggs Easter morning and at Grandma's and Pepee's and at Auntie Amy's and Uncle Jeff's. Joseph came home today with a blue egg which he received from the Easter bunny. The Easter bunny visited his classroom and filled the kids Easter baskets(pencil, glue stick and an egg with a small toy). JiaLi this afternoon wanted to play Easter rabbit, and Joseph was kind enough to share his egg. Of course, we had to fill the egg(we added some cheerios), and then JiaLi and I took turns playing the Easter bunny. I think JiaLi ate the Cheerios before we even started;) She was so funny--every time it was her turn to hide the egg, I walked back in the room and she told me exactly where it was:) The video is JiaLi finally locating one that Mommy hid. Mommy wasn't so nice in telling but I did give her clues like if she was hot or cold to it's location:)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wacky Wednesday

Each year in the kids' schools the elementary schools do many Dr.Seuss activities in March. The Kindergarten classes always have a Wednesday that they call Wacky Wednesday. Today was Edward's class day to celebrate Wacky Wednesday. In the morning, we were trying to figure out how to dress to be wacky. I did take a picture of Joseph last year on his Wacky Wednesday day. He wore a striped shirt, had short pants, different colored socks and spiked hair. Edward kept saying "I want to dress like Joseph did." He was able to find a striped shirt which he wore inside out and backwards, jeans with holes that are just too short, different colored socks, and he even wore two different shoes. (Not sure how he tolerated that with one of the shoes being Joseph's but luckily he's only half day;) If you click you can see, however I did over correct to bring out the stripes so it will appear blotchy. Well, of course, JiaLi had to dress Wacky for Wacky Wednesday! She wore her shirt backward and wore two different socks and two different shoes--which lasted about a half hour.(she is usually barefoot) She thought it was the funniest thing and told everyone she saw today that it was Wacky Wednesday. If you click here, you can see Joseph last year. This is my fourth year preparing for a Wacky Wednesday and I have yet to read the book. Edward described the story as so funny and that "you have to read it Mommy." Next on our reading list... These two pictures are add-ons. Speaking of Wacky, I couldn't resist posting these. I took these yesterday--before we even knew that today would be Wacky Wednesday;) JiaLi found this Strawberry hat in the girls room. This hat was given to Jenise when she was a baby and it really does look adorable on babies. JiaLi just thinks this hat is the greatest thing. We had a very rainy day today and she wanted to wear "her" hat so she wouldn't get wet! Had to explain first that it does belong to Jenise and second, won't quite protect. I actually used this hat when Jenise was a baby for her first Halloween and dressed her up like a strawberry. It's funny how the hat can be adorable in two different ways:) I need to find the picture!!(it's taken with a 35 mm and it's in one of my boxes!)