Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Searching for Eggs

Way too many pictures here but I decided to do Easter all in one post:) Easter morning began with an Easter egg hunt in our home. We found all but one and right before we headed out the door, Joseph found the missing egg. Edward was definitely our most enthusiastic this year:) I always love watching the kids sort through the eggs. This year the eggs had goldfish, sugar free gum and yes, the Easter bunny placed some jelly beans in a few eggs. The Easter bunny also left hula hoops for the girls(the old ones are broken) and footballs for the boys. None of JiaLi with her hula hoop--she was more interested in playing with the plastic eggs. Grandma's and Pepee's is always fun again trying to search for those eggs. And again, 1 egg was missing but my Mom could not remember where she hid it:) Danny is placing his arms up as if to say not again;) The egg was never found. My Mom was insisting that she miscounted. Grandma spoils the kids too much. In addition to the goodies in the eggs, each received a small gift bag. JiaLi received a notebook, a Care Bear puzzle(which she has done again and again) and some snack goodies! Next, Uncle Jeff's and Auntie Amy's house:) Now here is where the kids get to see all their cousins. Eleven on Daddy's side total. Each of the kids has 18 eggs:) What is 18x11? Yes, the men hid 198 eggs in their yard. We always love this part of the day to be able to be outside:) no matter how cold it might be. The kids are sneaking a look out the window;) but Edward insists, he didn't see anything. Below the kids are waiting for Auntie Amy to give the o.k. to go out and find those eggs:) A stomp rocket was received by each family. I have a video of Jenise doing it which I will post--it's hilarious. The dog is Auntie Jen's dog, Hollywood. Because she was gone all day, she brought Hollywood along and at the end Hollywood was running around the yard with the kids:)


redmaryjanes said...

Wow, that looks like so much fun!

LaLa said...

Love the new header!!!!

Glad you had such a fun time hunting...JiaLi's face in the last pic cracks me up!!

See you in 23 days!!!

mommy24treasures said...

Love all the pics! Wonderful! I love seeing how you spend your holidays.

The Byrd Family said...

How do you always have so much fun at your house??? LOve the hunt!