Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Big Kids Weekend

Danny's birthday is in March and Jenise's is in February. I was initially going to schedule a sleepover for Jenise and her friends and then try to organize a "boy" type thing for Danny and his friends. Time kept passing by and things kept coming up and finally we decided on something different. We had each of them choose one friend(they each are lucky enough that the decision was easy to choose) and we brought them to a nearby Mall(about an hour away) that has a very large type game room/arcade. This mall is pretty impressive. The boys immediately went to the game room with Daddy and the girls and I did a little shopping and then went to the game room. I took many pictures on this day but I am only posting Dan and Jenise:) I took these at the start of our day. Jenise was giddy and when I asked her to give Dan a hug, she was more than willing. We had such a great day. When we returned home, I was trying to figure what would be good for the boys and what would be good for the girls. It was great. They all hung out together:) And they all got along(for the most part--Danny and Jenise did have their sibling moments.) I was so happy we decided to do this--it made it special for both of them to celebrate together. Here are more from the Easter dress trying day. I have been showing these to Jenise joking with her hoping that maybe she will be willing to wear a dress. Hasn't motivated her yet. Although, she and a friend have been talking about when they are older and able to go to a prom. She has been saying that she wants to go to the mall instead. Well...on Saturday, the first store we cut through to get into the mall had a display of prom dresses. Daddy and the boys had to pause to wait for the girls;) When I explained to Jenise that the dresses were for proms, she was so cute and said "I didn't know that." Luckily we still have more years before we need to worry about this;) My goal over the next few weeks is to update my blog. If you are not in my sidebar--you soon will be!--I want to add all of you who I have recently met. I love your comments and love all your blogs and I need to make it a click away for me to visit you!


LaLa said...

So glad they had a fun time!!! Love that giant hug Jenise is giving : )

JiaLi looks beautiful as always. Yeah, don't even want to think about prom!

mommy24treasures said...

looks like a super time!!!
Your pics are looking wonderful! :)
Love your snazzy bottom one ;)
I don't mind redoing your blog for Spring at all, I just thought you might want to try now that you are using ff. If you want me to do it all you have to do is ask:) If you want to make a header with your fav pics and I put a side background and borders I can do that too. I love doing your blog for you I don't mind.

The Byrd Family said...

What a beautiful dress! Hugging pics are my favorite!