Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Post Just to Post

The picture again--I can't help it, it's my new favorite. Last weekend on Saturday, Daddy let Mommy have time to work. With all the snow we've been having and with Easter right around the corner, I had to work on Spring things, and I couldn't wait to get this picture up:) Here's one of the things I accomplished. This is one of those plain wooden frames they sell in craft stores for $1. I am just in such a mood for some SPRING!! While I was working, the kids played outside while Daddy shoveled the driveway. They came in all excited because they had been having snowball fights and built forts. Now when I heard fort, I was picturing this creation with ways to maneuver,etc. I went to take a look and what they had done was built two mountains of snow and used the mountains to hide from the oncoming snowballs. I need to remember tomorrow to take a picture. We actually went out to a restaurant last weekend! I am usually boring and more into the ordering in if we are going to get something. This weekend, we went out. My son is rolling his eyes at me for taking pictures in a restaurant. Oh well:) As you can see, everyone was entertained by the crayons prior to our meal. Everyone that is except our oldest...he was willing though to help Joseph with a word search and to play tic tac toe with the others--I did get a picture but for some reason it's not letting me post. hmmmmm... This is a silly post but I had to post these three eating their meal. Jenise ordered ribs just because she likes them and same for Dan. But, Edward just loves his big brother so much and will copy most of what he does. Of course, he always says that he said it or did it before Danny but we just have to laugh. A final picture of JiaLi showing off her new ladybug hair clip. If I had been thinking about what day today is, I could have used this for "Wordless Wednesday". One of these weeks, I'll remember.

Monday, February 25, 2008

A Loose Tooth

The kids had their February school vacation last week. We did some things but it was more the kids being invited over friends houses for playdates/sleepovers/etc. Our house was boring except for getting together with Jenise's Science Fair partner to get their project done(two days of this and then individual work in between). The first get-together we really wanted to get things done and we did but all the kids were wiped. Jenise's partner's family is a family of 4 kids and they all came over with their Mom while the Moms and girls tried to work--yes my house was torn apart. But at least the others had fun. The next day, I felt so bad because Jenise's brain was mush and the kids just needed to get out. So we loaded up around noontime to head somewhere. We ended up at a Mall--I know real original but we really don't get to the mall that often so for the kids it was a big deal. We had not had lunch so stopped to get a snack(and coffee) to hold the kids over. JiaLi had no problem eating or drinking:) Well, maybe prior to the straw, but what's a slushy type drink without a little mess:) Now, I did not want the mess to end up on her jacket sleeve!!! The napkins are on the table--I can't stand when my kids do this!! I need a buzzer on their sleeves!! A little neater using a straw. As she says, ahhh that was good;) I am posting this picture of Joseph because a few weeks ago he lost the top tooth to his left and all vacation we watched him wiggle and twist and basically play with his tooth to the right to try to get it out--no success... While at the mall, we were either going to take the kids to the arcade or shop. The kids have been helping with a lot of the chores around the house and they earn money each time they help with the BIG house cleaning--where we basically go through dusting, vaccuuming, cleaning everywhere. They do such a great job. We opted for shopping:) The boys and JiaLi shopped in the Lego store and Jenise decided to shop at Build-A-Bear. She has two Build-A-Bears from birthdays and decided to get an outfit--the jeans, purple shirt and cap. When we got home, she gave JiaLi one of her bears so that they each now have one:) Had to take a picture. Back to Joseph. Here he is tonight with his wiggly tooth:) Carrots for dessert--didn't work. But with a little motivation--he wanted to talk to Daddy and tell him how wiggly his tooth was. Mean Mommy said that Daddy already knows it's wiggly and if he wanted to tell him something new it should be that his tooth came out. He twisted and twisted and got it out. (Mommy did the last yank.) No blood:) It was ready. While taking a picture, of course, the others wanted to be in the picture. It cracks me up because Daddy whenever he smiles, smiles with a closed mouth. Joseph is back to his regular smile in that last picture not even showing the missing tooth. Now will the tooth fairy come?? I told him we would have to see if it was too late or not and we would know in the morning and if not, she will come tomorrow. Then JiaLi, as I was kissing her good night asked, "Do I have any wiggly teeth?"

Friday, February 22, 2008

A Random Post

These are pictures that I took a few weekends ago while visiting my Mom. I figure if I don't post them now, I will never post them. My Mom always has some sort of different danish or muffin or something for the kids to snack on and this time in the mix, she had cinnamon rolls. As you can see, each of the girls enjoyed them:) The rest of the pictures are just some new favorites:) I am so excited how the last one of the girls came out. Now I just need to learn how to work better with lighting and flash and choice of how to take a picture on our camera. (well, everything--my DH keeps telling me to read the book that our camera came with, but I just want to take pictures!!!---I know, he's right.) Sorry for the title in this page--Nothing like a sister. I know so many are waiting to say this and you will. I just love watching these girls together. Jenise is so not girly sometimes and when I watch her with JiaLi, it's a whole other side of her that just warms my heart.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

More Birthday

After singing Happy Birthday to Grandma, we sang Happy birthday to Jenise. That Grandma. She's the one that brought the cake. You would think the get-together was for Jenise and it was supposed to be for my Mom!! Chocolate cake is the best:) We weren't sure who was more excited--Jenise's cousin Jessica or Jenise. Jessica loves, loves, loves dogs and part of their gift to Jenise was a Webkin poodle. She came over yesterday and right away was asking to see "Black Magic":) JiaLi is trying to reach that platter---filled with candy and brownies. It was so funny my Aunt looked at my Uncle all of a sudden with JiaLi on his lap and she commented "she's letting you sit on her lap". He replied "I gave her a brownie:)" The following pictures are from Monday. Even though it was pouring rain, it was 60 degrees. JiaLi decided to wear her bathing suit and all morning was asking to go in the pool. (She was serious and not being silly.) At least now I know, she needs a new bathing suit for our Atlanta trip. The sweatpants are covering the non-fitting parts:)

Monday, February 18, 2008

Another Double Digit Child

Saturday, Jenise turned 10. With the kids' school vacation being this week, I was hoping to have a small party for Jenise with her friends but she has so much happening this week(science project, basketball...) that we couldn't schedule it. I am planning on one in March--I've been promising her a sleepover!! Saturday, I wanted to do a little something so we went to our favorite store--Target:) She chose some earrings, a Disney CD and an American Girl Quiz book(she loves these books). Above she is listening to it and JiaLi is dancing away. For supper, we had Tacos:) We were going to go out for dinner but Jenise really wanted to watch the movie I talk about below so we stayed in and made tacos--all the kids loved them--I'm not sure if they enjoyed eating them or making them more:) Please don't ask about this so called cake. We were out earlier this week at a concert for Danny and it was a late night and a rushed dinner and I had promised the kids a different snack for their help. Well, on the way home, Daddy ran into the corner store and came out with a box of these. We had some left and Daddy created a cake. (Sunday we got together for my Mom's birthday and my Mom brought a cake for Jenise so she did get a cake.) Pippi Longstocking, yes, that is the movie. Here is the story. In our neighborhood, we have a Christmas Elf who at Christmas goes crazy and gets all the kids books. This year Jenise's book was Pippi Longstocking. Jenise needs a very good book to read if she is going to read(she is into Beverly Cleary right now). Well, this book, she flew through:) When she was 3-4 years old, we had purchased the Pippi Longstocking video and it was buried in the back of our video cabinet. When she finished the book, I told her that we have the movie and since her birthday was right at the beginning of vacation, she had asked to watch the video on her birthday. I dug it out and the kids watched it. We had to watch it upstairs because our downstairs does not have a video hookup. (never thought videos would be old-fashioned)