Friday, February 01, 2008


Today was my day to hold the playgroup and even though we don't always do a craft,I couldn't resist. With the Chinese New Year happening next week, I wanted to do something related. I had ordered party favors for Jenise's birthday and supplies for the boys school treasure box from Oriental Trading a while ago and when I ordered I ordered these frames for the kids to make. The kids had a choice of the happiness symbol, health or good luck. JiaLi wanted to make each of them. She colored and Mommy put it together. Here she is showing Daddy what she made. Then she hung one on her bedroom door, one on Mommy's and Daddy's door and one on our main door. She was very proud. (I hope it's not bad luck that the decorations are up--I think we are supposed to be in the cleaning phase right now.) I read a lot about the Chinese New Year last year. After that the kids played but they of course had to have a snack. With Groundhog day tomorrow, I was so excited to find this cute thing to make a groundhog. It's a chocolate frosted cupcake, then the ears are vanilla wafers, the eyes are M&Ms and the teeth are mini marshmallows(although in my photos, they sort of look like eyes). I don't know why my cupcake picture is so small. I did crop it from another photo but I think the photo was resized for the blog already and the cupcake came out mini. The kids enjoyed it though:) Now the question is Will the groundhog see his shadow? By the way, JiaLi does have other clothing as you can see in the bottom photo. She is wearing the same shirt she had on last Saturday. The kids had "Patriots" day at their schools today and wore their Patriots shirts and of course, JiaLi wanted to join in. I told her to save it till after the chocolate frosted cupcake:)


The Byrd Family said...

How creative you are! Looks like everyone had a great time!!!

mommy24treasures said...

you do always have great ideas.
glas it was such a fun day.