Monday, February 11, 2008

Stamping and Rollerblading

My very focused girl stamping her Valentines. At least once a month, I try to hold some type of Stamping Workshop and with Valentine's Day right around the corner, I held a Kids' Valentine Stamp Camp. The girls(yes it was all girls) made 25 mini Valentines and 25 lollipop heart flower things. Jenise's games are usually on Sundays but this Sunday she did not have a game making it perfect to hold the camp. (All the girls like Jenise to be there.) When everyone was gone, JiaLi of course sat down to work on her Valentines. She made enough for all our Hubei friends and maybe 1 or 2 others. I have to confess, I was so thankful that she stamped these. Back in January, when Joe was away, I was on-line ordering pictures and such and saw this really cute Valentine thing and I broke my usual path and ordered just enough for our Hubei friends(when you receive them you will see what I mean) I have to say though I had a horrible feeling because I didn't make them. So everyone will also be receiving a handmade card by JiaLi:) She made me feel so much better:) She really didn't want to hold her card up and in the next picture she is really wishing I would leave her alone so she could get her cards done;) Jenise was more than willing to share a card. I think she enjoyed the day--especially being able to have a weekend without running around to a game. Edward loves to color and there were two cards that were stamped ahead of time for the kids to just color. He helped out with those:) With the indoor weather, one thing we got done was straightening out the basement. With a basement that has an open floor and no toys to trip over, what better to do than get rollerblades on:) JiaLi is at the point now where she just slides them right on. I love that she wears a helmet without prompting. Just FYI, the background behind the kids being silly was like that when we moved here. Joe is not a big fan but it cracks me up because it really looks like they splattered paint on the one wall. Our basement is a future endeavor but hey, the wall is different:)


mommy24treasures said...

so sweet! Love seeing them all hard at work. I love JiaLi's face on the leave me alone too :)
I don't know how I missed the Sat post. But I love the scrap page and I am glad the kids were able to get out and play a bit.
Wow I am impressed JiaLi can rollerblade!

LaLa said...

Oh, can't wait to get both my cards : ) The rollerblade pics made me laugh b/c it reminded me of when y'all came to visit and Edward (or was it Joseph) asked "where is your cellar?" ha ha

The Byrd Family said...

I am very impressed she can rollerblade! It always looks like so much fun at your house!