Friday, February 08, 2008

More New Year

Even though we didn't go out for a Chinese meal or do anything real New Year related, JiaLi was still thrilled about the day. She walked around all day humming, "It's the Chinese New Year", "It's the Chinese New Year!" I know it's not just the Chinese New Year but for this year and for JiaLi's understanding, that's what we are calling it:) I was talking to the kids about what is happening in China with all the snow and JiaLi yelled out "Hey, that is where I was born!" In the first photo, JiaLi is counting her Red Lucky Envelopes to see if there is enough for all the kids at the bus stop.(not that she is counting that high yet but she felt better trying to make sure) She was thrilled to pass out the envelopes to the kids and say "Happy New Year" to everyone. I thought the envelopes had chocolate coins but instead had pretend gold coins. I thought the older kids would be turned off, but they thought it was the coolest thing. I honestly think it was because JiaLi gave them--the whole neighborhood loves her:) And yes, she gave some to her brothers and sister and even Danny when he got home later. She was very concerned that everyone received one. You are probably wondering what this Star cupcake is. Well, it was my sister's day today for playgroup and in honor of the New Year she made star cupcakes to celebrate. I just love her:) My sister was so cute making these cupcakes for the kids to celebrate and to recognize the New Year. I was so touched. It's official,I signed JiaLi up for preschool today. I am thrilled for her to begin but also sad. The fall will be my first time not having a child home with me. I know, how dare I say that, I know I am so lucky and blessed--I just love having the kids around. I have thought about home schooling before but I just don't feel like I could do an adequate enough job. I am looking forward though to being a little more involved in the kids' schools. I'm actually really excited to participate in JiaLi's classroom with the traditional holidays. I heard a lot of Moms talking about how a Mom in their kids' class went in to celebrate the New Year with the kids doing a craft or something. I can't wait to do this:) I especially can't wait to make those country cookies that Laura showed:)


LaLa said...

What fun pics : ) Love the cupcake. JiaLi will love school..and just think of all you will get done!

The Byrd Family said...

She will LOVE school! Our girls only go two days a week but they love it and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! I can clean my house and do laundry and have quiet time with God!

What a giving heart she has to make sure everyone gets an envelope...sweet girl!

mommy24treasures said...

oh your sister was so sweet and thoughtful! Love all of the pics. I know JiaLi will do well in preschool and thats great you can help out alot.