Sunday, September 24, 2006

Fall Weekend

It's official--fall is here. JiaLi has been a big help with raking the leaves. This time we remembered the camera for Joseph's soccer game--he was tough to catch to take a picture. He loves to go after that ball:) We had a fun time at our cousins' birthday parties--Jessica and Rachael celebrated together and we enjoyed getting ready for the Patriots game. Danny was not too happy about going to bed as the game was just getting started. The lower pictures are brother and sister making-up and their reaction after making-up.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Jenise's Soccer Game and Class

Above is JiaLi getting home from her first day of "school". Just a class with Mom and six other kids and their Moms that lasted the morning,and we called it school and she is very proud to be going to school. The rolling down the hill picture is JiaLi waiting at the bus stop for Jenise. JiaLi's new favorite toy is blocks. She will sit for the longest time building or arranging the blocks. This weekend, it seemed like we spent the day on the soccer field. Here is Jenise playing goalie and tossing the ball away from the goal. Next weekend, I will remember the camera for Joseph's game--his games are earlier in the moring and this weekend we were rushing out the door to get there on time:) After all the games, it was great to sleep in the car.

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

We Found Danny's Kindergarten Picture

We finally found Danny's picture from his first day of Kindergarten and thought it would be fun to compare to Joseph's first day--it's easy to tell who is who but we thought it was funny that they were each making the same face(mirror images of each other).

Friday, September 08, 2006

First Day of School for Joseph and Edward

There goes Joseph... This week was a big week for Joseph and Edward. Edward had his first day of preschool and Joseph had his first day of Kindergarten on Sept. 6th. Joseph was up for the entire night the night before. The crown was made the very first day--We have a picture of Danny wearing a crown and are in the process of searching for it.(Danny had the same Kindergarten teacher that Joseph now has.)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

This Weekend

Joseph(will be 6) and JiaLi(will be 2) will be celebrating their birthdays together this year. JiaLi's birthday this year is occurring the same time as the Moon Festival(Mid-Autumn Festival) which is a large Chinese holiday. The Moon Festival is more often in September and since it is right on JiaLi's birthday, we thought we would try to celebrate it. Here is the invitation--for those who are looking and expecting to receive one, so far I have made one. I am hoping to get them out by the end of this week. We will be having Moon cakes, tea and rootbeer floats:) I wasn't on top of my picture taking this weekend but since I just started this blog I had to post a few. We spent the weekend with each side of the family having brunch.
Well, I've been working to try to get this blog going with some things. I have attached some links to friends that my husband met in China. Please be patient--I just started and I only have a few but as I learn more about others sites, I will add them. Here is JiaLi holding her referral picture we received last year.(the original is posted but just to show a side by side comparison).

Friday, September 01, 2006

A Year Ago Today!!!

Well, we have been talking about starting a blog and it was one year ago today, we heard the news about our youngest daughter. I thought I would post a picture that was in her referral, (a year ago this month), one with her brothers and sister, and one with all the cousins and Memee(a great-grandmother). Mark and Laura thanks for the motivation to start a Blog, I know we love seeing the pictures of Annslee. Friends of ours are coming over tomorrow to talk about adopting from China. They are excited, curious and anxious about the whole process. More to come as I get my husband into the Blogging effort.