Tuesday, September 05, 2006

This Weekend

Joseph(will be 6) and JiaLi(will be 2) will be celebrating their birthdays together this year. JiaLi's birthday this year is occurring the same time as the Moon Festival(Mid-Autumn Festival) which is a large Chinese holiday. The Moon Festival is more often in September and since it is right on JiaLi's birthday, we thought we would try to celebrate it. Here is the invitation--for those who are looking and expecting to receive one, so far I have made one. I am hoping to get them out by the end of this week. We will be having Moon cakes, tea and rootbeer floats:) I wasn't on top of my picture taking this weekend but since I just started this blog I had to post a few. We spent the weekend with each side of the family having brunch.

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LaLa said...

I think it is safe to assume the rootbeer floats were Joseph's idea. I will send you a photo of his big grin when he got one at the restaurant in Chicago then flaunted it to his brothers ; )