Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Thought I would post to say Happy Halloween to everyone. We went to Disney in early October and spent one evening trick-or-treating. The issue was the evening we did this it not only poured like the usual quick Florida pour but it rained the entire evening. I did not get good photos but here is JiaLi as Tinkerbell, Jenise was Ella Enchanted, Daniel was one of the Celtics, Joseph was Indiana Jones and Edward was Anakin. Yesterday at preschool, JiaLi had a parade and she dressed like a lion--she received a lion costume from her Gramma for her birthday. She is back in her Tinkerbell costume today. We are going to Joseph's and Edward's school to watch their parade. Last weekend we had a surprise party for Joe and his twin--they turned 40. Photos coming. We usually hold our Halloween party on the last weekend in October but because of the 40th party, we are holding it November 1st so I may be posting Halloween photos for the month of November;) We started our class. We have taken 3 classes and have either 5 or 7 more to take. (we are not clear if we need to take 8 or 10 classes since the outline of the class is for 8 sessions but the dates of the classes are for 10) We'll see but we are happy to finally be started. We have a lot of homework to do!! I've also been teaching 2 religious ed. classes at our church--even though each is only twice a month it still occupies time but I am loving it. I am teaching Joseph's and Jenise's classes. I have also been able to volunteer during the week in the schools. Having lots of fun and wishing I could post more and I will. Secret Buddy, thank you for the Halloween goodies this month. I will be posting about it---the books are the best--we don't have any of them:) THANK YOU!!!

Monday, October 06, 2008

The October Kids

I took these photos last week trying to get the leaves just beginning to turn. Of course, JiaLi ccooperated with goofy faces. Joseph and JiaLi each have their birthdays in early October. My DH was out of town all last week, and my sister and Mom one of the days brought over a cake for the both of them. Here they are blowing out the candles with their cousins. We did sing happy birthday to JiaLi yesterday--I'll try to post. BTW, our class starts this Thursday and continues until the first or second week in December. Later that night they were sitting together at supper(we have a bench on one side) and JiaLi was repeatedly saying with a big giggle "we're the October kids!" (that's what she is trying to whisper in his ear in the third photo down)