Friday, June 29, 2007

More Water...

Did I mention we love water?? Just posting some pictures of the kids using the slip n' slide. It has been great to have especially when friends are over. It amazes me the variety of kids who enjoy using it. I think they just appreciate the relief. The kids are helping to aim the sprinkler part so that the slide part will stay wet enough to get a good slide:) Usually Mommy does that part(or JiaLi) but they were kind enough to help out while I took some pictures.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

We Love Water

My Dad had some surgery on his hand on Wednesday(he had a severe contracture) and the day before his surgery my sister invited him for the afternoon. My sister lives near water(a large pond/lake). She invited us too:) Not to mention she lives right down the road from me(less than 2 miles away). We all went swimming and the older kids were able to try tubing for the first time. Danny was even more daring and tried water skiing. He did get up:) If you click on the pictures, you will be able to see their faces better. Jenise tried some snorkeling and Joseph and Edward gave Uncle Mike a padddle boat ride. We are so lucky to have relatives that always welcome us. When we got home that night, a fuse blew and Daddy wasn't home yet. Mommy decided to let Joseph and Edward(their room had no power) sleepover in Danny's room. Jenise and JiaLi didn't want to be left out and slept in their sleeping bags in their room. At the bottom is JiaLi saying "now listen to me..." and giving the rules about making sure they go right to sleep.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Potty Training

Potty training...That's what we are in the process of right now. I did potty train my first four and I am amazed at how well JiaLi is doing. She can stay dry for hours and when it's time to pee, she goes right to the toilet. A few accidents here and there but she is doing awesome. But then there is poop?? I went through this with my others so I know she will learn but with this blog now(I didn't have a blog with the others) I would love any advice. The first/second day of potty training, JiaLi did try to go poop in the toilet. She was sitting on her Dora toilet seat from Auntie Amy and succeeded but then tried to get up right away. A mess was made:) JiaLi was bothered by that and will tell me that she does not want to use the Dora seat because "it will get all messy". To be honest, I am glad because then I don't have to worry about her being addicted to the seat. Now she is doing what all my other kids did(you think by now I would have this solved) and just avoiding pooping at all costs until she gets to the point that she can't hold it in anymore and out it comes. There was one day that she was asking for some apple juice and I told her I would give it to her after she went in the toilet and she did do it. But that worked once. I'll have to find something that she just won't want to say no to. Here she is holding her bum because guess what is about to happen... Any advice is appreciated:)


Last week was playoff week in Danny's baseball league. I can't stand how I get during baseball. It's only a game and Danny loves to play. Danny is not one of the best players on the team, nor does he need to be. I admire Danny for his persistence and not giving up when others would throw in the towel. Danny's team won the game Wednesday and progressed to the championship game on Friday. The score was 4 to 1 and Danny's team was behind. They had all the bases loaded and 2 outs and guess who was up at bat? Yes, Danny. He has not had one hit all year--he has had some foul tips but just has not been able to connect with the ball. He also does not always swing at the ball. He did swing and had strike 2, but he looked good swinging:) Then the final pitch came and Danny thought he was going to be hit by the ball and jumped back resulting in a strike call. My heart felt so bad--but you know, this was a silly feeling. It really is a game and we are not playing to win/ lose. It's to meet people and have fun. Danny did have fun. We were so lucky this year to have a great coach resulting in a great team that worked together and became friends. His attitude over the weekend showed he did have fun. I was hoping this would be the last year of baseball but Danny is motivated to play again. He loves it that much and wants to try. I admire him for his entusiasm. As Daddy says, he has a lot of courage. The pictures above are from Danny's game Wednesday when JiaLi was on the swing singing a song. The pictures below are a mix of Wednesday and Friday. Yes we had to wear pants and sweatshirts. It was cold. But it will be 96 degrees tomorrow:)

Friday, June 22, 2007


Yesterday was a day with all the kids home. Noone had plans to go over a friend's and no friends were over and no babysitting for Mommy was happening. Mommy decided to be selfish and spend the day with the kids:) The kids had a swimming lesson in the morning and then we decided to head to the beach. I usually go to a beach in Middletown or Newport, RI but as we were driving it was getting later and I didn't want to get to the beach and then have to go home. We go through Bristol, RI to get to Newport and decided to spend the day at a park in Bristol with the Town Beach attached. There was a small line of seaweed at the beach but once the kids stepped over it, the water was clear. They loved it and it was nice not to be at a crowded beach. The kids all swam except JiaLi who was too busy filling and emptying her pail with water. They built sandcastles, swam some more and then we went to the park. Near the park was an exercise area and of course the kids were reading the directions and looking at the pictures for each piece of apparatus. Joseph noticed the directions for the bars were to go backward--he made it all the way across!! JiaLi did some sit-ups and did go on the bars and beam but because I was holding her, no pictures. On the way home, we decided to get some ice cream. Then the kids were very giddy on the ride home. They were all giggly. It was a relaxing day and one of those days we need to do more often.