Saturday, June 09, 2007

What a Week

Guess where we went the beginning of the week;) Yes we went to visit Grandma and Pepee. JiaLi loves to play with the tea set at their house. And yes, all the kids received a snack for the ride home. Hopefully this will be the last picture you see of JiaLi in a diaper. She began potty training this week. The first day, she had 1 success and the rest accidents. By Friday, she was asking and bringing herself to the toilet. Thank you Auntie Amy for the Dora toilet seat to get Mommy moving. We were down to 1 accident yesterday:) JiaLi brought her drink outside this week and was looking for a place to put it and thought the back of the tricycle would work. Yes it is dirty becase she usually uses it as a dump truck. The back of the tricycle where her cup is located flips backward. Yes, the tricycle is a hand-me-down:)Other pictures this week: Edward decided to help color the flower drawn in chalk. While coloring, he said he would color it for Daddy because his teacher told him that it's almost "Happy Thank Father's Day". We also just had a new bike path built in our town and through some nearby towns and this week Edward went rollerblading. He cracks me up. After we finished the trail, we ran into some friends having a picnic and hung out with them. As you can see, Edward and JiaLi had no interest in a picture and instead wanted to look at the "waterfall." We had a book fair this week where the kids (all grades) were able to purchase their summer reading books. The fair was for grades PreK-12. It was great to get all the required books and have the kids set. At the fair, they were raffling a pail and shovel full of items and all the kids entered their names. JiaLi's name was chosen:) We usually have no luck with raffles. The pail was given to Danny to bring home and when he got home, he gave it to JiaLi. JiaLi is being very sweet and sharing with everyone(o.k. maybe she didn't have a choice but she is willing). Finally,some pictures from Joseph's tee ball game this week and the one in the tree is on his field trip. I'm only posting one because all the others have kids in his class:) We went to the ZOO:) Edward and JiaLi are watching the game. We were supposed to have a block party today but it got rained out. JiaLi heard we were going to a block party and was thrilled. Now to explain to her that she won't have blocks their to build--unless we bring them. If you read all these words, thank you. I know so much writing would be easier to read spread through the post but when I try to do that, my words run down the sides of the pictures and that drives me crazy.


mommy24treasures said...

great post. I didn't mind reading all your words :)
Thanks for the comment on my blog.
Love the sidewalk chalk pics. We do alot of sidewalk chalk.
I love your stroller pics for fotochallenge too.

Lauren's Nana said...

I always enjoy your posts and the pictures of your beautiful family. I especially like the way that JiaLi looks at her siblings in pictures, you can tell the love that the kids have for each other that is so wonderful, you have done an amazing job as parents.