Thursday, June 28, 2007

We Love Water

My Dad had some surgery on his hand on Wednesday(he had a severe contracture) and the day before his surgery my sister invited him for the afternoon. My sister lives near water(a large pond/lake). She invited us too:) Not to mention she lives right down the road from me(less than 2 miles away). We all went swimming and the older kids were able to try tubing for the first time. Danny was even more daring and tried water skiing. He did get up:) If you click on the pictures, you will be able to see their faces better. Jenise tried some snorkeling and Joseph and Edward gave Uncle Mike a padddle boat ride. We are so lucky to have relatives that always welcome us. When we got home that night, a fuse blew and Daddy wasn't home yet. Mommy decided to let Joseph and Edward(their room had no power) sleepover in Danny's room. Jenise and JiaLi didn't want to be left out and slept in their sleeping bags in their room. At the bottom is JiaLi saying "now listen to me..." and giving the rules about making sure they go right to sleep.


mommy24treasures said...

looks like they had alot of fun! They are going to want a fuse to blow more often;)
Don't you love these bossy girls! how cute for her to tell them all the rules:)

LaLa said...

Good for JiaLi keeping everyone in line! Looks like a great time on the water...can we come visit soon??