Monday, September 18, 2006

Jenise's Soccer Game and Class

Above is JiaLi getting home from her first day of "school". Just a class with Mom and six other kids and their Moms that lasted the morning,and we called it school and she is very proud to be going to school. The rolling down the hill picture is JiaLi waiting at the bus stop for Jenise. JiaLi's new favorite toy is blocks. She will sit for the longest time building or arranging the blocks. This weekend, it seemed like we spent the day on the soccer field. Here is Jenise playing goalie and tossing the ball away from the goal. Next weekend, I will remember the camera for Joseph's game--his games are earlier in the moring and this weekend we were rushing out the door to get there on time:) After all the games, it was great to sleep in the car.

Thanks for looking!

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LaLa said...

I love sleeping babies..they are so quiet then!