Monday, February 25, 2008

A Loose Tooth

The kids had their February school vacation last week. We did some things but it was more the kids being invited over friends houses for playdates/sleepovers/etc. Our house was boring except for getting together with Jenise's Science Fair partner to get their project done(two days of this and then individual work in between). The first get-together we really wanted to get things done and we did but all the kids were wiped. Jenise's partner's family is a family of 4 kids and they all came over with their Mom while the Moms and girls tried to work--yes my house was torn apart. But at least the others had fun. The next day, I felt so bad because Jenise's brain was mush and the kids just needed to get out. So we loaded up around noontime to head somewhere. We ended up at a Mall--I know real original but we really don't get to the mall that often so for the kids it was a big deal. We had not had lunch so stopped to get a snack(and coffee) to hold the kids over. JiaLi had no problem eating or drinking:) Well, maybe prior to the straw, but what's a slushy type drink without a little mess:) Now, I did not want the mess to end up on her jacket sleeve!!! The napkins are on the table--I can't stand when my kids do this!! I need a buzzer on their sleeves!! A little neater using a straw. As she says, ahhh that was good;) I am posting this picture of Joseph because a few weeks ago he lost the top tooth to his left and all vacation we watched him wiggle and twist and basically play with his tooth to the right to try to get it out--no success... While at the mall, we were either going to take the kids to the arcade or shop. The kids have been helping with a lot of the chores around the house and they earn money each time they help with the BIG house cleaning--where we basically go through dusting, vaccuuming, cleaning everywhere. They do such a great job. We opted for shopping:) The boys and JiaLi shopped in the Lego store and Jenise decided to shop at Build-A-Bear. She has two Build-A-Bears from birthdays and decided to get an outfit--the jeans, purple shirt and cap. When we got home, she gave JiaLi one of her bears so that they each now have one:) Had to take a picture. Back to Joseph. Here he is tonight with his wiggly tooth:) Carrots for dessert--didn't work. But with a little motivation--he wanted to talk to Daddy and tell him how wiggly his tooth was. Mean Mommy said that Daddy already knows it's wiggly and if he wanted to tell him something new it should be that his tooth came out. He twisted and twisted and got it out. (Mommy did the last yank.) No blood:) It was ready. While taking a picture, of course, the others wanted to be in the picture. It cracks me up because Daddy whenever he smiles, smiles with a closed mouth. Joseph is back to his regular smile in that last picture not even showing the missing tooth. Now will the tooth fairy come?? I told him we would have to see if it was too late or not and we would know in the morning and if not, she will come tomorrow. Then JiaLi, as I was kissing her good night asked, "Do I have any wiggly teeth?"


mommy24treasures said...

aww what a sweet post!
I love his little grin :)
I am ready for Chloe's to come in though! She lost them 6 months ago!
When we go to Target I always make the kids get the white icee so there is no mess on their clothes or my car! :)
We never go to the mall either so its big to ours too.
Love all the pics.

LaLa said...

I hope the tooth fairy came! That toothless grin is precious and poor JiaLi will just have to wait a while.

Annslee doesn't use her sleeve she uses MINE for her mouth and nose!! Totally my fault though as I know I have done it with my sleeve when in desparation so she thinks she should too.

Sweet bear sharing and I only have one so we go to the mall often but it is still a hassle with her wanting to run around..

Sharon said...

Those children are just too cute to be real!!

Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. I love the colors you have used on yours.

Hope you have a great day! I will check back in soon and hope you come visit me again!

The Byrd Family said...

I LOVE the toothless grin and how nice to share her very own build a sweet!

Emma Jane wipes her nose and mouth on her sleeve or her arm. Yucky!