Wednesday, September 05, 2007

An Emotional Day

Today was such an emotional day! Edward started Kindergarten. Today was the day that the kids rode the bus with their Moms and had a quick orientation and then went back home. With Dan, Jenise and Joseph, the way it worked is we would get off the bus at the school, get in line with the teacher, go to the classroom, some quick words with the teacher and then leave the classroom and the kids did an activity. Today it was different. Today we got in line with the teacher and then the kids walked into the classroom with the teacher with no Mom or Dad. The parents went to the cafeteria to listen to the principal. It was great how it was done but our poor Edward lost it when it was time to walk into class. I gave him a big hug and tried to talk to him while making sure I did not cry. A kind assistant came and took his hand and he walked in with her. Then I lost it. A lady came up and said "it's tough, I've gone through it 3 times." Then I said "I've gone through it 3 times too." Last year with Joseph it was so much easier. Joseph has a personality much like my husband. He can enter a room and know everyone in that room before he leaves. Where we live the birthday cut-off is September and with Joseph having an October birthday, he was almost 6 before starting Kindergarten. Edward just turned 5 in July and to me seems so little. He was so cute when he got home talking about the story the teacher read and coloring. He said that he said to himself "I don't know why I'm crying, so then I stopped." At supper, he said he couldn't wait for tomorrow and then going to bed he gave me a hug and said he would miss me. Luckily he is half-day so I could tell him he would be home with me and JiaLi for lunch...Oh growing up... Now the other emotions. I have mentioned before about poop training and how JiaLi is having a hard time. She has a habit of sneaking off somewhere and just going in her underwear. She has been talking about starting a class once she poops in the toilet. Well, she had not gone since Sunday and when Edward and I got home from school she was so constipated. She kept saying she wants to go to class. I gave her some yogurt to try to soften things up(for some reason that works) and she did sit on the toilet with no luck. I felt her tummy and it was so solid from the build-up that I decided today was the day. I did not put underwear back on her because I knew if I did she would go. I decided to keep her in with only a shirt so that we could try to catch it and get her on the toilet. Some of the neighbors were out and I let Edward go out with them.(the Mom was kind enough to let him) This did not make JiaLi happy and she resorted to screaming and yelling and then crying because she knew she had to go and she was so uncomfortable. I remembered something we used with Danny and gave her a drink with it in it. On we went all afternoon on and off the toilet, mostly on. I had a phone call and it was one of JiaLi's teachers so I didn't want to miss it. I went to get the phone and came back to JiaLi asleep on the toilet. The girl can sleep everywhere. I woke her because I did not want her to fall asleep that way. I brought her in the living room and layed her down and she took a half-hour nap. When she woke, she was full of energy and immediately went pee. Then she was walking into the kitchen to get a drink and said "I have to poop." She got on the toilet and went with no crying. She was so proud. Our neighbors were outside now with the kids all home from school and my other neighbor getting home from work to get her kids and JiaLi yelled out the window "I pooped in the toilet!" All the neighbors are aware of this saga. I placed JiaLi's shoes on to go outside and as I did she said "can we sign-up for my class now?" Oh my heart. We walked outside and all the neighbors were looking at me to see if what JiaLi had yelled out was true and I gave the thumbs up and they all gave her a big hooray. She was and is so proud!


mommy24treasures said...

oh I am crying happy tears for you. I know it was hard to push JiaLi out of the nest so to speak on that part, but the mmomy in you knew it was time. You did wonderful.
Sweet little Edward. I am falling in love with your children. What a beautiful sweet heart he is. I am so glad he is ony half day. I think that is pefecrt. and I am sure he is going to be fine.

LaLa said...

What a handsome little one he is!!! I am glad he had a good first day : )

You go what kind of class is she going to?

Journey to Lilly! said...

awww what a precious boy! He did great!! & how proud I am of JiaLi for the potty poopy...My Graci & Lilly are potty training & somedays it can be quite a challenge. I love this sweet age..I wish sometimes to freeze time & enjoy them a little longer before they grow up. You are a very sweet Mommy!

Patty said...

Ah Edward looks so handsome. That was so cute what he said about not knowing why he was crying so he stopped. Congrats on your success with JiaLi's pooping in the potty! Liana has just this week been pooping in the potty consistently and it has been a big relief.