Monday, April 09, 2007

What A Weekend!

The kids Easter morning. It was so cute, I wanted a picture of the girls and Jenise leaned forward on her knees to be closer to JiaLi's height and then JiaLi did the same thing.
This weekend was one of those weekends where we realize how lucky and blessed we are! Friday began with the annual egg coloring over Joe's brother's house. Yes, Mommy should have received the lecture about watching your child to avoid spilling instead of getting all caught up in picture taking:) JiaLi and Edward thought the blue was a great color and that it matched their shirts. Daddy even got into it with the heat gun to attach some Star Wars stickers for the kids. Easter morning the kids anxiously waited upstairs to go down to see if the Easter bunny came. We are probably the only house that the Easter bunny brought YuGiOh cards. The kids also received books--JiaLi's was about Planes and we lost count how many times we read the book Easter morning. Edward is all excited to go search for the eggs because he has already spotted some. JiaLi actually found an egg this a.m.(Monday morning) that was missed by everyone.
Next, we traveled to Grandma's and Pepee's for dinner. Here are the boys with Pepee. The Easter bunny hid eggs at their house too. He is so crazy!! The kids received some gifts in blue bags(the boys) and pink bags(the girls) and JiaLi was so proud of her bag and carried it like a pocketbook all over the house while staying attached to Jenise.
Finally to Joe's brother's where the egg hunt happened outside. I did not see the specific temperature but Joe's Mom said she heard it was the coldest Easter that has occurred in 100 years. We had to bundle up for the hunt and then come back inside to open the eggs. Usually the kids do it outside but this year we were in. Here are all the cousins with Gramma + Papa. Of course the cold did not stop JiaLi from eating her ice cream.
The kids getting ready to go hunt eggs!!


LaLa said...

Such a fun time!!! Thanks for sharing all your photos. We miss you guys terribly and wish we all lived closer. I LOVE the last sisters photo : ) Oh, and tell Edward he can come play with Annslee's Backyardigans stuff..

Stacie said...

What a great weekend, love the pictures of all the kids.