Tuesday, April 03, 2007

This Weekend

Friday night, Danny had a special treat going out with his cousins for his birthday. He went shopping and then went to their house to hang out. Mommy and Daddy told the others they could stay up till Danny got home. BIG MISTAKE! Danny got home after 9 p.m. Here they are waiting on the couch and then JiaLi decided to make herself a bed under the coffee table. Yes she had her kitten to keep her comfy. Her blankie was in her bed to avoid getting lost. Saturday Mommy went to visit Grandma and Pepee with the kids while Daddy started on an idea we have to try to make a little money to afford an adoption. We were so excited to be able to go outside. The kids played baseball with Pepee pitching to them and Edward decided to play basketball. JiaLi just played with everything. Before we left, Pepee gave Danny some basketball tips--always the teacher. Saturday we had Joe's sisters kids for a sleepover. Here they are the next morning. This was the first time JiaLi had a sleepover in her room. Last time we had someone sleepover, JiaLi slept in our room to avoid any middle of the night waking up. Although JiaLi did wake-up(only once), everyone stayed in the room:) JiaLi was very excited that her cousin slept in their room.
To conclude the weekend, we had to get outside. Before supper, we went out and played some football.
Edward was very excited about spotting our first flowers. Spring is here!!!

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LaLa said...

Looks like a fun time had by all!!! So glad the weather was nice..of course it has been beautiful here but is about to turn cool for Easter : ( JiaLi's bed looks comfy ..
Soooo, tell me about this project for baby brother/sister???