Thursday, October 18, 2007

JiaLi's New Buddy

I had this posted a few days ago and I think I edited and just saved instead of publishing. Oh it is. Remember the eggs that I mentioned JiaLi received for her birthday? Here she is opening them for the first time. Uncle Jeff wanted to open them before he left and Auntie Amy was being silly about the eggs falling to the ground and JiaLi was hysterically laughing. JiaLi had her friend Tessa over yesterday. The girls were hilarious playing with the eggs but then concluded with using the spoons to play the drums on the toy box and sing. It's a good thing Daddy wasn't home;) Tessa is one of our neighbors. She will be turning 3 in December and will be starting school the same time as JiaLi. With JiaLi beginning to feel more comfortable with Tessa's Mom(we didn't see them all summer), Tessa's Mom and I have been swapping on two days. Monday mornings JiaLi goes to their home and Friday(this week Wed.)Tessa comes to our home. The girls have so much fun together. This Monday with JiaLi having the party the day before and getting over being sick last week, my neighbor had to call. JiaLi had a tough time but it did work out 2 weeks ago and she had so much fun this week with Tessa. I keep showing her pictures of their time hopefully it will be fine next week. Having the extra morning gives me time to focus on working. I've been trying to have more workshops to help to donate some money to our adoption:) By the way, JiaLi is not one to play with dolls. The only time she will play with them is when Tessa is over:)

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mommy24treasures said...

aww I am glad she is making friends and that you have someone close by that is trustworthy. Thats wonderful.