Sunday, October 07, 2007

Singing Happy Birthday to JiaLi

We gave JiaLi an opportunity yesterday to blow out candles all by herself:) She was so funny yesterday. Every time someone said "happy birthday JiaLi", she replied "happy birthday" right back(sort of like "hi how are you") She was so excited to be able to blow out the candles and she was very patient since Mommy had to run downstairs to get the camera to be able to catch her blowing out the candles. We did get Chinese food as a special treat--Daddy is not feeling well this weekend so we ordered in and luckily one of the best Chinese food restaurants in town delivers. We did not buy presents--the kids seriously get so much from their relatives that we don't really need to buy them presents. Certain years we do i.e. a 2-wheeler or something when the time is right but in general, we are very lucky to have such a giving family. Jenise however wanted to get a little something for JiaLi to open and before Jenise's soccer game, Mommy put on a necklace and then JiaLi was looking for one to wear. Jenise found a princess necklace. The necklace did not come in a box--Jenise got home and found the box and JiaLi the last two nights has made sure that her necklace is in the box. Next weekend is the bird party--JiaLi's idea. She loves birds and has been talking since the summer about having a bird birthday party. Still trying to figure out what we will do but definitely we'll be making bird feeders. Working on other ideas. JiaLi was exhausted with all these birthday singing opportunities and enjoyed a little snooze with her green blankie today. To answer about whether or not it was Joseph that told the SW we have enough kids--it was Danny. When the SW came for the first home visit, Danny was in 2nd grade and when he was asked how he felt about the adoption, he replied that he thought we had enough kids. This home visit he talked about how much help Mom receives from the older kids and how it will be no problem to have another child. He's in 6th grade now:)


mommy24treasures said...

This was a great post... I love these pics and the necklace gift... so precious.

The Byrd Family said...

What sweet pictures and you're right they do get enough presents from relatives! I love the precious sleeping photo with the blankie!

LaLa said...

Should have known it was Danny...he has to do the babysitting ha ha

Glad her birthday was fun...I am laughing about the bird party. Poor Annslee, b/c we don't like birds now she doesn't. If she sees one she snarles up her face and makes a YUCK sound...ha ha

Hope Daddy is feeling better : )

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday JiaLi! She is such a cutie!

Chris & Deb said...

Belated Happy Birthday JiaLi!

Chris & Lindsey Wheeler said...

Love your family....they are so cute!! Please check out our adoption story in Guatemala....we need a ton of prayer right now.

Lindsey Wheeler