Monday, October 15, 2007

Joseph and JiaLi Birthday

This year was so fun to celebrate Joseph's and JiaLi's birthday with our family and friends. It was even better because JiaLi got it this year and it was great to have a brother so willing to share his birthday. Daddy took pictures while the kids were blowing out candles and I couldn't pick and choose--he did the click one after the other thing so I decided to make a slide show. I will be sharing more from the party later in the week but wanted to share them blowing out the candles together. There are only two candles because our box was low on candles and we didn't have enough to equal 7 plus 3. Yes, that's Edward sneaking in at the end to see if he can help blow out the candles and get a lick of frosting:) By the way, JiaLi does have a root beer in front of her(Joseph's favorite) but she only took about 2 sips:)


LaLa said...

Awww....glad they had a good time. Can't wait to see more pictures of the party!!

mommy24treasures said...

So glad they enjoyed their celebration so much.