Wednesday, October 03, 2007

We couldn't let a birthday go by without singing"Happy birthday!" Last night, Daddy ran out to the store to get a little something so that we could sing. He came back with Ice cream sandwiches--the kids loved it. Fingers were very messy but they had fun. JiaLi enjoyed playing cheers with Daddy(we cut JiaLi's in half to try to cut down on the mess:) Now what to do for JiaLi in a few more days:) I already know;) I feel so bad that their party is not going to be celebrated for another few weeks--we have family that is away and plus trying to work out work schedules(nurses in the family--weekends) the 21st is the day of the party--a Bird Party. So lucky that it is Joseph who has a birthday the same month as JiaLi. I'm not sure if the others would be so willing. We were very lucky today to have Katelynn over to play. We occasionally go to a playgroup on Wednesday mornings and as we were leaving, Katelynn said to her Mom "I want to go over someone's house"(a kid's way of doing a wink and a nudge) We were thrilled! We love having friends(cousins) over. For some reason, they always at some point take out Hulabaloo. They never fail to crack us up. JiaLi upside down is doing a funky dance--she did kick her feet up(one at a time). That green blankie is still a favorite--I cannot believe it is still together. Our friend made it for JiaLi as a gift--the strongest knitting ever. Nothing like a snack with friends:)


mommy24treasures said...

oh good pictures!

We have a blanket that went through a friends child 20 years ago, then Ryan, then Chloe took up withit and she shall be the last. IT really isn't a blanket anymore now... Just a big rag of love.

LaLa said... the ice cream sandwiches. A bird party?? I need an explaination on that one please...ha ha

If JiaLi is the ice cream lover Annslee is..maybe they can make Sundaes on Saturday...

LaLa said...

Oh, and I think the 21st is a perfect day for a party!!! LOL