Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Party Pictures

We began the day playing some quick games outside. Since it's fall, the first game we played was a very basic color game. The kids got in a circle and when I yelled out a color, if they were wearing that color, they had to run to the other side of the circle. I thought this would be boring for them but they were hilarious playing and making sure I included every color. Even the big kids played. Next was a game that I don't know the name of. The kids began in groups of 3 with two being trees and one being a bird(the game we played at that China Care had squirrels but hey it was a bird party). When I yelled "hunter"(not a word I liked yelling), the birds had to run around to pretend to get away from the hunter and then when I said stop they had to get with 2 trees. When I yelled "fire", the trees had to run around to escape the fire and again stop when I said stop. The last one was "earthquake" which meant everyone had to run around. The game was chaos but the kids had fun playing. Next we went inside to make the bird feeders. The boys stayed outside playing football. I had gathered some pine cones in the woods and luckily I didn't have to worry about peanut allergies with anyone at the party so we used peanut butter on the pine cones and then rolled it in bird seed. I think JiaLi ate more peanut butter than she got on the pine cone:) Had to post a picture of the boys watching the Patriots--they did come in to make the cupcakes though:) I have to confess I love football and I was glad the game was later so that I could catch the end of the game. After blowing out the candles on the cake, the kids were able to decorate cupcakes. Thank you Mommy to 4 Treasures for that idea:) I figured it went with the whole theme of making bird feeder:) Joseph was very proud of his cupcake. Opening presents! I can't believe how much they received. JiaLi has had a blast with her new eggs(I'll post a picture later), Color Wonder--if you ever need something to get a 3 year old, this is great--I have never seen JiaLi sit so long at a table coloring!! , puzzles,Dora and books and more. Her new favorite book is "Good Night Gorilla". I previously mentioned that the party was going to be the 21st but we moved it to the 14th. I probably shouldn't post this but I believe in prayers so I'm going to. Joe's Dad just found out that he has Prostate Cancer and is in surgery now as we speak.(Well, not really speaking but I guess posting.) Please pray that they can get it all out. We moved the party hoping Gramma and Papa could come to the birthday but my mother-in-law and I totally forgot that exposure to illness before surgery is not good. With all the colds around our house, they couldn't make it. So, if you all could please say a special prayer today. Thanks.


The Byrd Family said...

We will be praying for him...bless his heart. Prayng our Great Physician will heal him. I love all of the game ideas at the party! Looks like everyone had a great time!

Lisa said...

Looks like everyone had a great time! I love parties like this!
Sending prayers to your family's loved ones.

LaLa said...

Prayers going up for Joe's dad. Love all the party pics : ) My fav is the one where JiaLi is looking sly as she is eating. Oh, Annslee would have eaten all the PB too

Stacie said...

Great pictures. We'll be praying for Joe's dad and hoping all goes well with his surgery.

mommy24treasures said...

how fun!!!!!!!
Looks like the party was definitely a huge success.
I will say a prayer for Joe's dad as well. I am sorry.

hausfrau said...

thanks for the reminder of those pinecone/peanut butter bird feeders, I think I'm going to have my kids make some this week. what a great fall activity!

happy bday to your kids!