Monday, March 26, 2007

We had a Date!!

This weekend, Joe and I had a date. The Jimmy Fund Walk is a walk I participate in every September and in 2006, I achieved a level that gave me an invitation to a brunch at Gillette Stadium (for $10 with a tour too). Sunday, we dropped the kids off at my parents and then went to the Stadium. I have to say it was relaxing. I could actually feel myself taking some deep breaths. (No pictures of us though--it's no fun to take pictures of us alone and we didn't have a child to take our picture together.) I am so excited to sign-up for the Jimmy Fund again this year and this year my husband is going to join:) The speakers were very motivating yesterday and it was great to hear how some of the money raised is spent--basically on research not being done elsewhere-it was great to hear. I started the walk 7-8 years ago in memory of my Aunt Fran and as Joe and I were driving to get the kids, we were going through all the people we know who have had or have died from cancer and it's just crazy how many there are. It's just one of those diseases that you just never know. Danny and Jenise may even get to participate this year too depending on how we can arrange babysitters and drivers(they might do the 13 mile walk as opposed to the 26 mile)etc. Not till September....more to come. I have been trying to sign-up for the walk--sign-ups began yeaterday but can't get through. As soon as I do, I will post our site:) Saturday we spent the afternoon at an event we have been going to for four years now. Joseph's school(previously Danny's and then Jenise's) they held a Bazaar with a whole bunch of raffle items from each class and donated items, and they also had a Cake Auction. Families participate by making different cakes. Danny's birthday is today so we were joking about getting a cake for him--with giving up sweets-he won't be having cake or ice cream on his birthday. One of the cakes(the one Danny is holding) was made of just candy--just what I want in the house--but we figured the money is for a good cause and we outbid and got the cake. We were so excited to find out Jenise's first grade teacher who is also our neighbor made it:) Our niece is in first grade at the same school Joseph attends and they made a cake(Joe's brother). We also decided to bid on it. It was a domino cake and it was just so cute. We decided to freeze the cake and celebrate with them one night after Easter:)

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LaLa said...

A date...NICE!!! As you may know my dad died last June after a long battle with have many others we know. It is such a mean disease..please do send the link to your site when it is set up!
Oh, love the cakes...Danny is such a good sport...