Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Hanging out on a 1/2 Day

The kids had a half-day of school today and with the temperature being 68 degrees, we had to get outside. Of course, the kids spent there time next door at the neighbors. The kids have a blast playing together! We are so thankful we have such great neighbors:) The pictures of Edward and JiaLi running are in our yard and the other pictures are next door. The rock picture is taken right on the line. Of course, a lot of what Edward did, JiaLi had to do. Danny was being bombarded by the younger kids as they threw balls at him while he was on the ladder, but he was a goodsport and put up with it while the kids all cracked up. The yards are just a mess right now as you can see by JiaLi's pants but we were just thankful to get out and run and play in the fresh air!!!!! No pictures of Jenise today-she was lying on the couch during all this.

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LaLa said...

Love the outdoor photos..hope Jenise is feeling better soon..also glad you told me about JiaLi's pants..thought it was a potty mishap ; )