Monday, March 12, 2007

Splashing in the Puddle!!

No, I don't usually allow the kids to do this but with the weather finally getting warmer, I had to have the kids outside and with the snow melting it is so messy. We have a large puddle on the bottom of these stairs in our yard and I actually asked the kids to play in the puddle. Can't have a scrapbook without a splashing in the puddle page:) The kids were so hilarious ---I think they were shocked that I asked them to do this. It was funny when Daddy came out to get some air and picked JiaLi up and said "she's all wet" - and I said well Mommy was letting them play in the puddles. I did tell the kids it would probably not happen again any time soon but I know I am doomed now that I have encouraged this. Oh well, it's only water:)

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LaLa said...

Love it...sorry Daddy. Yeah the warmer weather and daylight savings time is GREAT!