Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Late Post for St. Patrick's Day

Our St. Patrick's Day was full of snow. Joe and I had to clear out a slush/snow filled driveway so we got a late start to the day, but we cannot have a St. Patrick's Day without Spirit!! Joe made green scrambled eggs and green egg sandwiches for the kids and they ate every bite!!
I really couldn't get a good group shot of the kids but we were so happy Jenise was not lying on the couch, we had to take a picture:)
Jenise and JiaLi looking at one of Jenise's books--They are becoming quite a pair. Last night they had the same color popsicle at dinner and JiaLi right away noticed and said "we're a team"!!
When I was done trying to take a group shot, Edward had some things to say in song!!
He really has a great deep voice for singing ;) He just cracks us up--no other way to say it:)


Stacie said...

Jiali looks so cute in her dress. Looks like everyone enjoyed the green eggs.

LaLa said...

Glad Jenise is feeling better. Love the hats!!!!