Thursday, March 01, 2007

Just Some Pictures

Now I know I have a problem if I am posting these but I suppose there are worse addictions ;)
Here is Danny at his concert--this is a double post--I felt too guilty placing the small picture at the bottom and had to add the large. If you read the whole post you will understand why I placed the large-TFL:) Joseph is receiving a haircut that he did not quite want.
Playing hide+seek... A fashion statement--JiaLi has a new thing where she likes to dress herself:) I had the T.V. for Edward because he was sick and all the kids squished on the love seat- wasn't sure yesterday how much this really helped but he is better today. And here is Danny at another concert--I really should have made this large-He did such a great job and he is so much fun to watch.


LaLa said...

We are thinking alike today...I posted some photos from a few weeks ago today. Love the sofa one!

Stacie said...

Looks like evryone is doing well, love the fashionista Jiali....