Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Deer in Our Backyard

When we went to put the kids to bed tonight, I noticed two deer in our backyard as I was pulling down the shades in Joseph's and Edward's room. We all gathered at the window to watch and they each ended up walking closer to our house. Joe ran down to take pictures. Unfortunately the battery was really low and the flash was not quite working. When I downloaded the pictures, they were totally black but I was able to adjust them to at least tell that we did have deer. The picture at the top is one that I cropped. What a great thing to see! We hope the deer are o.k. We have a small woods area(tiny) in back but to access real woods, these deer will need to cross streets.

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LaLa said...

They better watch out for hunters too. That is wild having them so close. I know the kids were excited! Hey...exciting news on our Malia site : )