Friday, March 09, 2007

As the Girls Were Sleeping

Now this is definitely a post just to post but after seeing the pictures on Annslee's site of how much she sleeps with, I had to share the girls and how they sleep. I think JiaLi has learned from her big sister-her brothers only sleep with one animal:)
I went in to take pictures of the girls sleeping and they each were cozy in their beds. Me, being the Mom wanting a picture, very slowly lifted the blankets on each side of their beds to expose what was underneath. That yellow bunny next to Jenise is actually a very large pillow bunny-thanks Gramma and Papa:) Both Jenise and JiaLi stirred and turned over during the process but neither woke.
With JiaLi however, these animals and dolls mean nothing unless her green blankie is present. She must have her green blankie!!

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LaLa said...

Yep...they are peas in a pod! How do they sleep with all of that??