Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Family Weekend

Happy Mother's Day everyone! And I mean everyone--in one way or another many of you take on a role that means so much to someone. For those who are waiting, you are a Mom and your prayers and work right now to get your child mean so much to that child and you!! We are so lucky to have JiaLi home with us. We had such a special day. A little part missing those not with us. It was both Joe's and My first Mother's day without our Grandmothers. Then also thoughts of JiaLi's birth Mom. It's days like this that I wish I had it in me to say something really prolific or meaningful but although the feelings are there, I'm not the best at expressing without sounding silly. I keep asking myself how I got so lucky? My kids are all just awesome and I pray everyday that Joe and I will raise them the right way. We had such a great day on Mother's day. We went to my Mom's and Dad's for brunch. The kids enjoyed riding bikes through my parents neighborhood after the meal. They live on a dead end. Danny is actually riding my Mom's bike and what is funny about this is he tried to do this last year and couldn't fit--now look at him!! My Mom always loves to give the kids a snack for the car ride home. JiaLi is very proud holding up her bag of peppermint candy. Next we took a ride to Joe's parents. The kids were so lucky this weekend. Jimmy is very old and blind but he was so good to let the kids ride him at Gramma and Papa's house. They were all nervous at first but quickly adjusted. Did I mention they have chickens too! Danny and Jenise then tried to see who could stay on the swing the longest. The girls slept on the ride home. Click on the picture and you will get a much better view:)

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LaLa said...

What a fun day!!! You are right, we are so blessed to have our children. Love the horse photos and JiaLi's face with the peppermint.