Sunday, May 20, 2007

An Extra Special Day

What a day and what a weekend. Today was the Kidney Walk at the Franklin Park Zoo. Little did we know while we were getting ready and preparing that we would not only be walking in honor of Joseph's Godfather Gene(seen in the photo with Joseph) but also in honor of our sweet friend Molly. Gene and Sheri prepared these awesome t-shirts for the whole team(over 50 members) that said "the bean team stomps out kidney disease." We also wanted to do something to let Molly know we were thinking of her and last night(I found out Friday so this was the best I could do) I made these ladybug pins and each member of our family wore one. We were thinking of you Molly! We are saying constant prayers. I also added in some other photos just quick. JiaLi is trying to hop like a kangaroo. Edward has a pencil because there was a scavenger hunt which involved answering some questions about various animals--it was cool because the kids actually read the signs and paid attention to what they were reading. The gorilla was the favorite animal of the day. Finally a family photo which we never seem to get except at this walk but now we have an updated one:) A TRULY MEANINGFUL DAY.


Stacie said...

wow, what an awesome thing you did and the pins for Molly are great.

The Family Register said...

How neat that y'all could do the kidney walk. The lady bug pins were so thoughtful! I know that will mean so, so much to Lolly & Ernie.

Miss ya guys lots!

LaLa said...

Michelle..what a creative sweetie you are. I hope the walk went well. Love the new familiy pic....oh, and Dunkin Donuts coffee...YUM!!!

Jane said...

Days like that are so special aren't they?