Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Glimpse Continued...

Back at home, we decided in the neighborhood to hold a big 5-year old party. We have 5 kids who are turning five on our road. Edward is our soon to be 5-year old:) we decided instead of holding a whole bunch of individual parties to hold one big party. We had a cookout, ice cream cake, and we rented a moonwalk. Because this weekend was a holiday weekend, we had the moonwalk till Tuesday morning. The first few pictures are in the moonwalk on Saturday. Luckily the party was still going after Jenise's games so the girls were able to play!! All night while we were getting ready for bed, JiaLi ranted and raved "I like the Moonwalk" with a big smile on her face. The soccer pictures in this post are from Jenise's game Sunday. You will notice JiaLi has her camera. That is because on Saturday she was trying to take the camera from Mommy:) In between games, the boys were able to enjoy a rootbeer:) Edward was out with a friend. Finally the pictures at the end are from Monday. JiaLi was singing using a block as a microphone. Sorry couldn't resist posting. Then the moonwalk and kiddie pool at the neighbors one last time and yes another cookout!

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LaLa said...

Love the pictures!!! So glad the weather is getting warm enough for that pool... Oh, and you are lucky JiaLi will go for a "toy" camera...Annslee has taken over my small digital camera and she takes pretty good photos : )

Hey, and I would love the Moonwalk too.