Thursday, May 03, 2007

Gotcha Day Clothes

I don't usually participate in things like this but the Photo challenge this week on the Double Happiness blog is Gotcha Day pictures and it sounded fun:) I found this out on Annslee's site. Anyway the pictures above are Gotcha Day pictures with Daddy. You will notice in one she is eating. Yes she came out with food--when the food was gone--total crying. My husband called and I thought it was the best sound ever--just to hear her. I know a lot of you out there are waiting--it will happen. I had her try on her Gotcha clothes this a.m. Three layers worth. The bottle she is holding was a lifesaver for my husband.
I think she took it from someone in the group. Thank you whoever allowed her to keep it!!! Couldn't get the shoes on but wanted to include a picture:) While we were trying the clothes on, JiaLi kept saying "I like these", "I like these". When I took the picture of the pink outfit, her comment was "I like pink!"


Kayce said...

:) That made me smile!

So it sounds like you didn't go to China to get your daughter. Did you not go because of diabetes? I'm really freaking out about the whole thing when my time comes. Also I've been dying to ask how did the Chinese take the fact that you are a diabetic? Even though we've made it through the review room, I'm still nervous that we will get rejected at the last minute.

Maddenclan said...

The diabetes was not an issue for the Chinese---that I knew of:)

Stacie said...

Cute, I remember her that day, that girl could eat some congi. HA
It was a pleasure to travel with your wonderful husband on that journey. Maybe next time we'll get to travel with you. :)

Sophie's Mom said...

What a cutie! The picture of her sleeping on Daddy's lap reminds me of my Sophia. They look a little alike, I think the round face and big smile. Cute!
Our blog:Sophia's Website said...

I love the one of her sleeping. She looks so peaceful. Precious baby.


LaLa said...

I think the "bottle" was how Joe became our running buddy in China. He said he would give us a thousand dollars for it but so far we haven't seen it. I love looking at these photos and remembering that day. Our girls are so much alike it cracks me up!