Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Another Spring Weekend

Jenise is holding her arms down because JiaLi just placed a whole bunch of sand on her head. Luckily Jenise handled this like a good sport. We are all at a playground nearby to Danny's baseball game. Joseph and Edward of course have become buddies with someone at the park. The toy is not their toy but they were lucky the boys shared:) JiaLi just loves climbing. If it's possible to climb, she is up. Joe and I actually went to the ACONE which stands for the Adoption Conference of New England this weekend which is held each year in Milford. This was our first year going and we are so happy we went. Joe and I were on a panel for adoption in China with two other parents. One Mother was a lady with 4 birth children and then 6 that she adopted. All from China and all waiting children. She was such an inspiration for Joe and I. I don't think we will ever have 10 children but she made one more seem so doable. I was able to attend some other topics. I went to adoption in Guatemala and then Adoption in Lesser Known Countries. I was surprised that Vietnam was one of the countries. If we do adopt, again most likely only one of us will be able to travel. We would like to be able to travel with others if possible. We definitely each had an increased motivation to take the next step. I keep saying if we are going to do it, we need to just get started and deal with the money step-by-step. We just ordered bunk beds for JiaLi and Jenise and their room has opened up so much--helping us also to see that we do have room for another:)


LaLa said...

Love the pics and so glad you were able to attend the conference. I know your heart is open for another child and it is good to see you have found room in your home too : ) Of course, you are still welcome to move closer to us if you do outgrow your house with your 10 kids!

Kayce said...

Oh thanks for sharing the pictures! Such cute smiles! Keep us updated on your next "journey"! :)