Monday, May 07, 2007

The First May Weekend

Getting ready for a yummy waffle breakfast made by Daddy. We had no early games this weekend. Each weekend that we are able, Joe loves to make a big breakfast for the kids. Of course, half the fun is watching! We finally did some house/yardwork this weekend. We are about to paint our house and get a new fence for the back but we have had these bushes/trees in front of our house that really were not surviving too well. We finally decided to remove them and it moved pretty fast with our great helpers:) Hopefully now it will be easier to paint our house. In the meantime, I need to figure out what we will plant??? The kids had such a great time this weekend. It cracks me up that they can maneuver riding their bikes in our single driveway and not constantly collide. Below JiaLi and Jenise enjoying some girl time after their hard work. Jenise was very patient and sat with JiaLi as they painted nails and then waited for them to dry. It was not too difficult, JiaLi was very proud of her nail polish. She chose a color that we were calling green--it appeared more silver but JiaLi was happy to hear it called green. We were at a red light waiting today and when the light changed to green, JiaLi yelled "I LIKE GREEN MOMMY!!" Now I understand why..

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Kayce said...

That's what it looked like in my house this weekend! Kids running amuck and LOTS of gardening!