Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Glimpse of Our Weekend

Well, maybe I am sharing more than a glimpse but I can't help it. The first picture is the kids at the playgroup at our home on Friday morning. It was a hot day and the kids are cooling off with a flavor ice. Three kids were not able to make it. Joe was off on Friday, and he was able to attend the Memorial Program with me at Joseph's school. To avoid the parking situation, we decided to walk to the school. Edward and JiaLi enjoyed a ride in the double stroller. Of course, a snack was provided before we left:) We were unable to locate Joseph at first but when the program was done and the kids headed back to their classrooms(the program was outside), we finally saw Joseph in the last line. Jenise participated in a soccer tournament this weekend with some other girls her age level. She played two games Saturday and two games Sunday. Joe could not attend--se why in the next post but Mommy and JiaLi enjoyed watching. Jenise's favorite position is goalie--she's crazy!! Toward the end, I was thankful for the nearby trash barrel--JiaLi was entertained throwing things away--I made sure I gave her one thing at a time;) Yes, the girls on the team sprayed their hair red!


LaLa said...

Too much fun!!! Love Edward's face in the stroller LOL

Molly's Mum said...

You guys are AWESOME. We love you and cannot wait to meet the rest of the clan. JiaLi gets more beautiful each pic we see. She has the perfect family xxxxx

Stacie said...

Wow, what a great weekend. Love all of the pictures