Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Zoo

Wow-did I ever miss everyone when I was away! I was so excited to come home:) I returned home Sunday and decided on Monday, when I thought it would be a cool day, to head to the zoo with the kids. We timed how long it took and we arrived in 21 minutes. The kids had a great day even though it turned out to be very hot. Every time I ask what their favorite animal was, I receive a different answer. "the deer, the giraffes, the turtle, the monkey that made the funny noise, the snakes..." I was very lucky to have Danny along to help the kids with seeing the animals so that Mommy could take some pictures. Danny also took pictures of the animals:) He did a great job--unfortunately the camera we are using right now does not have a zoom--I found the charger:) Any way, we were very excited when we came to the emus. Danny reminded us all of our favorite story--"Edward the Emu". As you can see, Edward was very proud to see him;) There was a petting place in the zoo primarily full of goats. Don't let these pictures fool you--the kids enjoyed trying to pet and feed the goats but when the goats were close they became nervous. JiaLi even commented at home "I don't like the goats." We ended the day in the deer forest which each of the kids loved. They all had an opportunity to feed the deer. Edward reacted to dropping his food and pulling his hand away each time the deer tried to feed from him. Hence, I missed catching him feeding a deer. JiaLi was very brave and really enjoyed it--Edward and Dan did too. Jenise and Joseph are away at Grandma's and Pepee's this week attending basketball camp. Danny's age range was last week and he was able to spend the whole week with them. When JiaLi woke this a.m., she approached me saying "I can't find Jenise and Joseph" (not quite so annunciated;)) We had to bring medicine to my Mom's and when we got there JiaLi ran to Jenise saying "I miss you!" We miss Joseph lots too--today my Dad mowed the lawn and Joseph was there with the small clippers trimming the grass around the rocks,steps...He's such a great worker:)


LaLa said...

Glad you are home and the zoo was fun! I wish we had deer to feed here : )

Next time you come to visit..instead of the rock wall, we are doing the bungee!!!

mommy24treasures said...

glad the trip was good. Zoo pics are great! Love the feeding deer pic. Mine would love that.