Monday, July 02, 2007

A Family Reunion--Many Pictures

The first two pictures that I have posted were taken 4th of July in 2005. At this time, we were in the waiting phase for JiaLi so she is not yet pictured. The reason I am posting these photos is to show you Joe's Gram. The kids had been given silly teeth candy from their Aunt and Gram participated. As you can she, she had a wonderful spirit. She did get to meet JiaLi Christmas 2005 but she died in June of 2006. She is the whole reason we had our celebration this weekend. At her wake, all the relatives were talking about how crazy it is that we see each other only when people die and they started an annual family reunion. (Joe's Mom's side of the family) The reunion is held at Joe's parents--they have an inground pool. We had such a fabulous day. We are actually having a reunion with my Mom's side of the family in August for a similar reason. The day was filled with food, swimming, snacks, drinks, and swing riding. I did not get a big group picture but here are the kids sitting with some of their cousins enjoying a snack. While in the pool with Daddy, JiaLi and Edward helped make a whirlpool. That's why the first picture of Daddy and JiaLi in the pool is blurry--the pool was that active. In the first collage, there is a picture of Joe's brother. They look different but a lot of people when seeing them separately who are not familiar with either, do question identity. Yes, his brother is making a face in the picture. One of these days, I'll get a better picture. Joe's family started a traditon at the reunion last year sending balloons up into the sky in honor of Gram. Seen are the kids letting the balloons go and JiaLi watching the balloons rise to the sky. I saved my favorite picture of all time for last of the girls on the swing. I was so excited how cute it came out:)


mommy24treasures said...

oh I love ALL the pics. :) What a fun time it looks like you had!
love the pic of all the kids in their sunglasses! You have a beautiful family.

LaLa said...

Great fun had by Gram in the teeth...too funny!!! Happy 4th!!!!