Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Just a Post:)

Wow! Thanks for all your comments on the last post-you are all the best and we love you all!! We just returned from a trip to Long Island. Daddy worked but Mommy and the kids had fun playing. I will post more pictures later. We did go to a park and just wanted to post a picture or 2. Today is Edward's 5th birthday. I just wanted to say Happy birthday!! Not that he reads this but if he ever gets older and comes across this, I want to make sure I say it:) We did have cake and sang "Happy Birthday"--JiaLi's favorite thing to do. His official party is not until August because Mommy and Daddy are trying to paint the house and travel and work. Now the night before Edward was born, Mommy and Daddy purchased a digital camera(he was a c-section so we could plan). You know how usually they say you have tons of pictures of your first child and fewer with each additional child. Not the case with Edward-our 4th. I love being able to look back at all the photos from each phase of his life. With the others, until he was born, their pictures were dependent on me having film in my camera. Love digitals:) Here is Edward when he was first born and the last one was taken today:) BTW, we are working on trying to update our site:).


LaLa said...

Happy Birthday sweet boy..we got the invite to your party and soooooo wish we could make it!!! I absolutely love that frowny face one...LOL

I love digital too but it does have a major drawback...I don't seem to print any pics anymore..gotta work on that!

Ok..I called, I posted, I emailed..what does a girl have to do to get details about your VN stuff????? {{smooch}}

mommy24treasures said...

Happy birthday to your sweet son. He is SO handsome. What a cute little guy. love his smile.