Tuesday, July 10, 2007


While I am in a slump with no camera, my wonderful father-in-law shared a disc with me containing pictures of the kids. He has been promising me these pictures of JiaLi with Albert and I could not have received them at a better time. Thank You!! We have no cats or dogs in our home. We did previously have 2 dogs but Joseph ended up in the ICU 2x with breathing difficulties as a baby. He did test positive for allergies to cats and dogs and after his second time landing in the ICU, we said no more messing around. We were very lucky to be able to find a home where the dogs were able to stay together. We are very lucky that Joe's parents have a home full of animals. These pictures of JiaLi with Albert were taken on one of their visits when they brought Albert along. JiaLi is in the process of receiving a kiss. She wanted to receive the kiss but as you can see in the first picture, she wasn't to sure. She is warming up to the whole kiss idea-sort of. And now the kiss is done, things are good. Of course now she just loves to talk about "Albert licked me". I keep trying to get her to say kissed instead of licked--it just sounds nicer-but she is persistent. By the way, when these pictures were taken, the kids had just finished pizza. JiaLi's face and teeth are covered with it.


LaLa said...

Joe...go get your lovely wife a camera...stat!!

Love these pics...I wish Annslee felt this way about dog kisses..YUCK

mommy24treasures said...

I like the name Albert. He looks like an Albert.

Patty said...

So Cute!!!