Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Before posting more about our Sunday, I thought I would post some of our Saturday. We began at 7:45 a.m. with Edward's soccer game. Yes, the kids are drinking hot chocolate---it was cold!! Edward, however, had a smile on the whole time. JiaLi and Joseph were happy to have an open area near the field to play some football;) This is JiaLi hiking the ball to Joseph and running to catch. Next was Joseph's baseball game. This age is great--the coaches pitch and they don't keep score or stats. The kids were bundled up in blankets that were shared with them by other friends who were at the game. Joseph had very cold hands by the end of the game. JiaLi taking a break:) Next Jenise's soccer game. Daddy is playing "where's JiaLi?" It never fails...there is always bound to be some kind of dog at her game. Jenise played goalie the first half and then played on the field the second half--which was great because her first game, she played goalie the whole game. She has only had 2 games so far because of all our rainy Saturdays. Her game was so nice--we were so much more comfortable and the SUN was out:) Danny also had a game but his baseball game was not until 7:30 and with our crazy Sunday, I wanted the little ones to get some sleep. Jenise went to the game to keep Daddy company--she is the one who actually does watch the other kids games instead of looking for something else to do. Daddy did not bring the camera and to make-up for no Danny pictures, I am posting a then and now of Danny:) The first photo is me taking a picture of a picture--I was going to scan but we don't have one:) It is splotchy but it gives you the idea of how blonde his hair was. Kind of funny, both my DH and I have dark hair and when he was a baby we were always jokingly asked "where did he come from?"


Meredith Teagarden said...

That fourth picture is darling!! and the daddy daughter sweet!

missy said...

These are such sweet photos...I especially love the soccor pics and the sweet, sweet picture of JiaLi sleeping!

LaLa said...

Oh, how do I pick a favorite!!! I love all of them and I am so tire with our schedule with one kidlet so I don't know how you do it!!

LOVE the pics with Daddy!