Friday, May 16, 2008

More from Mother's Day

With our upcoming weekend, I knew that if I didn't post now, these would never get posted. Here is my Dad on Mother's Day telling a story about the watch that he is holding. All the grandchildren were listening attentively. He started with a year in 1800 that ended with the number "8" and progressed through other years such as 1928,1958 with the year being the year that the watch was passed to the next generation. Since this year is 2008 and with my Dad's dad and grandfather passing on fairly young(my Dad is much healthier), my Dad did not think he would make it to the next time a year would end with an "8" which will be 2018.(Grrrr..) He passed it on to Daniel. What a day. The 11th was also my parents 40th wedding anniversary so my Mom was beyond emotional. I need now to take the time to record each of the specific years my Dad said the watch was passed down. After that was done and we had brunch, they were outside trying to beat Pepee at a game of knockout. More photos from Joe's Mom's house. There were a total of 6 dogs at the house:) Had to post this. The only time I can get a bow in JiaLi's hair is if she has a ponytail. Here she is wearing only a bow:) I am so thankful that both Joe and I have our parents still with us and that some of our children did get to experience their great grandparents. We are also lucky to get along with each others families so well and I am also thankful for that. Secret Buddy--thank you--I will post my gifts in the next post(I just need to download the photos.) You are the best:)


Stacie said...

wow, that is awesome. I love stories of stuff being passed down from generation to generation.

LaLa said...

What a great sweet! I know it was so emotional for all of you. LOVE that pic of JiaLi...frame it soon : )

mommy24treasures said...

I am glad you shared your mother's day. Love all the pics. That one of Jia Li is so so pretty!!!!!!!
I am sure the kids love all of the dogs!!!!
Hope you were able to find the perfect quote that you were looking for.

The Byrd Family said...

Look at all the kids quietly listening to the story.....why don't they do that for Mom and Dad???

Beautiful family pictures!

redmaryjanes said...

What an amazing treasure to have in your family. All of my Grandparents are living except for one, so I feel very blessed.