Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Week of Concerts

This week has been a week of concerts. Jenise's chorus and viola were first. I apologize if this is boring but had to share. JiaLi is in the car ready to go--she has her dog because at Jenise's show they had a Paddington Bear song that they sang and the little ones were encouraged to bring a bear. JiaLi chose her dog:) I just love this picture of Jenise thanks to Daddy because Mommy was trying to keep the little ones occupied. JiaLi did clap at appropriate times but she also enjoyed climbing from seat to seat. Jenise's show was held at the High School because her school does not have an auditorium and there was lots of space. Which we needed;) Here is Jenise dancing to the bear song. The bear is blurry but I think it gives the idea of the dancing. JiaLi also enjoyed dancing with her dog and in the excitement decided to throw the dog to the people behind. Luckily it was another Mom with a 3 year old who enjoyed the entertainment JiaLi was providing her child. My husband thought he was being funny catching me pointing my finger at JiaLi telling her not to throw. Here she is with the I'm not doing anything look. Danny's concert was the next evening and as you can see by JiaLi, two nights in a row is just too crazy. She was so wiped. I had to post this picture of Danny. He is the one in front. They were singing a song from Oliver (the family one--Consider Yourself-I forget the exact title). Danny is the one in front and one of his best friends is behind. I just thought it was so cute that he gave Dan a hug. It gave me such a warm feeling:) I tried to post a video without success. When my husband is available, I will ask him for assistance. He usually helps when I want to share videos.


mommy24treasures said...

its not boring at all... I love hearing what eveyone is up to and involved in. When ever Caitlyn is jumping seats and things I am usually around 10 0ther 2-3 yr olds that sit perfectly still./ It was the same way with Jake and Chloe. When I am around another busy one it makes me SOO happy :)

LaLa said...

Oh...great pics of Jenise and Danny : ) LOVE that JiaLi was so "involved" in the show. We went to church last night to hear the children's choir and she stood up the whole time

Who is Joe text messaging?? He looks like Mark doing that...ha ha

The Byrd Family said...

It is so hard to keep them still in situations like that! I love the two boys sweet!